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Awesome Business Opportunities in Malawi


Our forum has fallen in love with Malawi having conducted several entrepreneurship trainings in the Warm Heart of Africa. We are now a brand name in the country being known for delivering value for money entrepreneurship programmes. Through interactions with Malawian citizens, we have managed to observe opportunities on the ground which our members can tap into.

Why Malawi?

It has a fast growing middle income class

It’s the most hospitable country in Africa

Entrepreneurship is picking up in the country

Affordable cost of living

Hard working citizens

Which opportunities can you find in Malawi?

1.Fabrics-visit Roadport and check out fabric materials being transported to Malawi everyday
2. Fruits-buy from SA fruits like oranges and apples and sell in Malawi
3. Clothing-buy from China and sell in Malawi (Lilongwe, Blantyre, Mzuzu and Zomba)
4. Arts and crafts-train how to make hats, carpets or bags
5. Supply art and crafts supplies- carpet underlay from Harare or Home builders Warehouse in SA
6. Set up a maputi or freezit making business or distributor

7. Set up a fruit juice small plant (Plenty of fruits such as mangoes and tomatoes but not much oranges and apples
8. Start a poultry project (Some entrepreneurial minded Zimbos are farming crops for sale to EU markets)
9. White South African and Zimbabwean investors are investing along the shores of Lake Malawi.

What can you buy from Malawi?
1. Kilombero(Malawi Rice) Buy it for $20-$25 in Lilongwe per 50kg and sell it at US$3/kg in Harare, Joburg or Gaberone. There is unlimited potential for the rice.
2. Agriculture produce (Nyimo, Soya beans, Groundnuts and more)

3. Shoes (Check out with Trip trans bus-everyday it brings shoes and other products imported from a Chinese factory located in Limbe Industrial Sites)
4. Fruit Juices (Unexplored market where they cost 40 cents but resale value in Zim $2 and above)

It costs $25 to travel to Blantyre, buses found at Roadport and leave at 7:00am everyday
You leave at 7:00am and arrive in Blantyre at 6:00pm
Buses leave Blantyre everyday at 6:30am and arrive in Harare at 7:00pm
Taxi cabs in Blantyre cost roughly $5. Accomodation  ranges from $15 per night for the cheapest lodges up to $100 if you prefer better accommodation at hotels.
Accomodation in Blantyre cost approximately $30 per day but in Lilongwe it can be $40-$130
Buses from Blantyre to Lilongwe leave at 7:00pm everyday and cost $10 per trip.

*Get a yellow card if you have travelled to the developed world or Tanzania, Zambia or Angola. Follow instructions from bus conductors. Many first time travellers forget this important advice and find themselves in trouble!

Take note
For Kilombero rice, you need permits for transport and they generally cost $5-$10 
Malawi Immigration authorities search every bag, sometimes even purses.

Immigration officials at Nyamapanda have 2 sniffer dogs which check every bag coming into Zimbabwe, so do not be involved in drug trafficking.

Avoid changing money at borders, you can buy fake notes. Bus conductors will advise you on the best strategy for changing your money from USD to Kwacha or vice versa

Our forum is in the process of arranging a tour to Malawi and we will advise you of the dates.

Enjoy business in Malawi

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Diaspora Matters

Top Business Opportunities for Malawians in 2019


The year is coming to an end and for most Malawians, business has been good.Malawi is slowly rising with new opportunities emerging in the Warm Heart of Africa. We have conducted several entrepreneurship trainings in Lilongwe and Blantyre giving us an opportunity to discuss business opportunities and below we list the top 10 opportunities to look forward in 2019.

  1. Agro-processing
  2. Real Estate
  3. Auto-parts
  4. Kilombero Regional Markets
  5. ICT
  6. Tourism
  7. Sourcing goods from China
  8. Alternative Energy
  9. Hat making
  10. Network Marketing opportunities

Agro-processing: Perhaps the biggest opportunity for Malawians. The country is expected to experience another great farming season but there are few people involved in processing raw agricultural products in order to produce processed oil, soap, cool drinks, fruit juices and icecream on a smaller scale. We encourage Malawian Nationals to visit Zim and assess our small scale agro-processing industry especially the machines available.

Real Estate: There is a real estate boom in Malawi. A lot of new suburbs are coming up with most of the opportunities grabbed by a few. We witnessed areas in Lilongwe which have developed in record speed. A lot of new commercial buildings coming up. Some peri-urban areas are being incorporated into urban areas.

Auto-parts: Have you witnessed the massive influx in Ex Japanese cars? Who is servicing these cars? Who is providing service kits? The number of cars is expected to continue to rise and creating opportunities for car service providers.

Kilombero Rice: There is a huge appetite for Malawi Rice across the region! Massive potential for innovative entrepreneurs who can push volumes beyond Malawi. Unbelievable interest in Zimbabwe and South Africa-sadly Malawians can only push less than 1% of the volumes required.

The ICT field is fast growing in the beautiful country creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs interested in selling ICT gadgets and services. The source of products is RSA and China.

Tourism has been on an upward trajectory over the past years. There is massive potential on tour packages, accomodation and other support services. Have you seen the number of new lodges being set up along Lake Malawi Shores? You need to carefully study the new developments along the lake and join too.

It looks promising in 2019 for Malawi and do not be left out of new opportunities. Our organisation has also been shaping the entrepreneurial landscape with a number of trainings on carpets and hat making. We return in 2019 with more trainings and researches.

A good number of entrepreneurs are visiting China in order to buy custom made goods and the book by Siku Nkhoma has helped many in the sourcing of goods online from China. The energy deficit is supposed to increase due to urbanisation and growth in the economy-so great opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in providing solar products and invertors.

So look around you, check trends, visit other countries, read entrepreneurship books and take advantage of opportunities in your country and beyond.

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