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The best skill you need as an entrepreneur is access to information especially on opportunities. Finding out how others are doing it, networking and linking up with other entrepreneurs.

Our forum probably has the biggest online community of entrepreneurs in the region who actively participate sharing business ideas and other resources. We have over 8.000 members in Whatsapp and they complement the 42.000 members on our ZBIN group and another 41.000 members on our SABN group. All the groups are manned by full time 2 administrators who ensure order and mature discussions.

We have a number of regional groups for Malawian , Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland groups.

Below is a sample of some of the groups you can join.

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Diaspora Matters

Driving force behind the demand for Zimbo products


Nigeria has an estimated population of 200m, compare and contrast with Zim with 15m. We are very small…tiny! Imagine the levels of competition for resources? What would happen if we increase the population of Harare six fold? So brothers realising the intensity of competition and lack of opportunities decided to explore opportunities beyond their borders. Experience and exposure to strong competition gave them an added advantage and they realised they needed to work together just like the first ships that landed in Africa. The first ship was not owned by an individual….there were many people behind it.

So the journey began of traversing the length and breadth of the continent. Their area of specialisation is auto parts and they are everywhere even in Maputo they have learnt the Portuguese…Uganda, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Kenya…wherever there are cars, our brothers are there. In SA the auto parts is controlled by locals but still that has not stopped them from benefiting.

The movement of our Naija brothers and sisters helped to spread their culture and started with African movies, then their food, their clothing and now every radio station plays Naija music!

Key Nigerian Skill:

Most of the new products in Africa are introduced in 3 regions. West Africa (Nigeria), East Africa (Kenya) and SADC (South Africa). Most South Africans especially blacks are content with what exist in their country, so no incentive to expand beyond their borders….only white brothers expand through retail shops such as Pep, Shoprite and others. They also expand in the services sector such as telecoms, banking and entertainment (DSTV). They don’t expand beyond the borders with smaller stuff. This is in contrast with the Nigerians….they notice second hand car imports flooding their country and their region and they will smile and say ‘Oga we are rich’ They know the trend will slowly reach down to SADC and they will move in before we open our eyes! By the time locals open their eyes, Oga has moved to the next country!

Kenyans do not move like Nigerians, they are not as sophisticated after all half of their population of 50m can fit into Lagos alone which has a population of 21m.

So competition skills give Nigerians a competitive advantage.

Zimbo products:

Faced with economic challenges at home, Zimbos are also trekking out of the country in search of opportunities. Over 3m are exiled in South Africa…thousands found in Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia. The major disadvantage we have no new products or services introduced in Zim first before any other country on the continent. Our market is tiny when compared to African giants. All Zimbabweans (including diasporans) can perfectly fit into Lagos and we will leave more space! Because of our size, we are not grabbing new opportunities and running away with them to neighbouring countries and across the continent.

There is no new technological trend on the continent that Zimbabweans can sell to other countries, we simply absorb what has been tried and tested elsewhere. However the mass emigration has brought something interesting….demand for Zim products by Zimbabweans.

In Chimoio, Zim products such as mazoe drinks, cerelac, maputi, scud beer, jam and bread are in high demand. The same applies to Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa. Our diaspora community has created a second Zimbabwe with a huge demand for local products.

If you are setting up a business or have an existing one and you ignore the second Zimbabwe then go back again to your strategy for review. The 3m Zimbabweans estimated to be in South Africa is not stagnant…it is fast expanding as people marry and have children. In future it may even expand to 5m or 10m. Strong ties with their home country means more demand for Zim products.

The absence of Zim vegetables in South Africa such as tsunga and muboora has led some to grow these vegetables in Durban for sale to Zimbos. In Capetown a Zimbo has a successful poultry project rearing road runners. In Joburg Zimbos have started making maputi and supplying them to tuckshops or plazas. Our music scene has not been left out with various artists holding sold out shows in neighbouring countries and overseas.

So follow the movement of Zimbabweans and the influence they are having abroad for business success. Follow too business models other nationals from populous nations are adopting. We are not producing or initiating new technologies…we largely adopt what has been introduced elsewhere. Be the first to follow what’s new in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa…it will eventually land in our country. Keep monitoring closely technological trends introduction into Africa and their success; they will eventually land this side of the equator.

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