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Greetings from Beautiful Namibia


So we found ourselves making one of our longest trips to Windhoek a week before 2018 Christmas, how did it go? Awesome -learnt a lot from the trip and we believe our 2019 book edition on opportunities will be richer.

Traffic between Zimbabwe and Namibia
Traffic is lower than Zambia-Zimbabwe, Mozambique-Zimbabwe and SA-Zimbabwe but higher  than Bots-Zim.
Traffic is mostly for Zimbos travelling to Namibia for holiday and business purposes.
Traffic from Namibia made up of Namibians going for holiday to Vic Falls, Namibians attending church seminars, Namibians going to college in Gweru and Bulawayo. Religion tourism tops the list with PHD and a pastor called Ndlovu with a leading branch network in Namibia.

Zimbos in Namibia
Mostly professionals who emigrated in the last decade working in government departments and the private sector. Of late the number of Zimbos heading to Namibia has been on a low side due to  recession in the country-no new work permit renewals for foreigners.


 Most street vendors in Namibia are from Zimbabwe. They work hard to bring products to  Namibia for sale. Some from SA, Zambia, China, Turkey and Dubai. There is an interesting trend of  Zimbos who source goods from Namibia and load them onto buses and resell them in Angola! We witnessed this in Lesotho…Zimbos buying goods from SA and selling them in Maseru, Mafeteng and other places in Lesotho. This is a special breed of cross borders…beautiful model that protects /hedges one from currency volatilities.

Our entrepreneurship skills on the good side are helping to empower locals to also venture into cross border business especially imports from China and Middle East. On a bad side…we are littering foreign streets. Credit goes to our comrades from Namibia, they have created room for Zimbos to thrive …one wonders what the situation would have been if thousands of Zimbos had not been given space to operate and thrive on foreign soil?

Namibia Economy
The Namibian Dollar is pegged 1:1 to the SA Rand and during the week we were there we witnessed a strike by  pharmacy assistants who graduated in 2017 and 2018 have not secured jobs. Student leaders were threatening strike action after a 5% across the board tuition fee increment. There is pressure for government to reduce the wage bill for the 100 000 strong civil service.

Its costs on average US$100 to travel to Namibia and you can get buses from Roadport, Intercape. Buses available on Tuesday evening and Thursday evening. Other kombis are also available near Roadport. You can also choose AirNamibia with return tickets ranging from $260-$300. Interestingly AirNamibia posted losses …looks like the air industry is a difficult field for AirZim,Air Namibia and SAA.

The cost of accommodation ranges from US$30 to US$150 per night. Monthly rentals N$4.000 to N$10.000.

Namibia can be termed a mini South Africa due to many SA companies with a presence there. It however ranks higher than SA as it is more peaceful, clean and friendly.

Business Opportunities
: Thinking of returning back after retirement? Namibia is a stable country for investment. The weather is great, low crime rates, stable economy and easy access to the region.

Arts and Crafts: Tourism is booming across the region and Namibia is not spared. Our arts and crafts already enjoy a good brand and dominates the landscape. Think in terms of buying and selling in bulk and also setting up schools and colleges for teaching.

Level 11 Cross Borders: Study imports into Namibia and then find how you can also participate in the importation. Do not forget cross borders who buy from China and Middle Est and bring the products for sale in Namibia. Study Zimbos and Namibians who buy goods from Nambia and export them to new markets.

What can you buy for resale? Prices similar to RSA although distance can be a deterrent. Witnessed building materials such as paint being purchased. Business opportunities for vehicle transportation especially vehicle imports from UK and USA.

Our business
Connecting SADC entrepreneurs; We have achieved our objective of connecting SADC entrepreneurs from Lesotho, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Our country is highly regarded in business circles due to hard work, integrity and innovation .Our objective of connecting regional entrepreneurs well on course. We trained them, inspired them, heard their stories and shared our experiences.

We are helping to set up various start-ups with entrepreneurs connected through e-platforms and sharing opportunity stories. We have done exceptionally well…been well received and we will start to profile stories of our successful graduates and members. The future is bright if Africans learn to work together and sharing information on opportunities.

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Diaspora Matters

Top 10 Official Richest Zimbabweans


Which business sectors have provided the top richest Zimbabweans? ICT, Mining, FMCG, Agriculture, Real Estate and Manufacturing. Which sector provided the fastest billionaire? It is the ICT through Strive Masiyiwa and this sector is likely to add more millionaires and billionaires-this is a global trend!

Below we feature the top 10 as compiled by Forbes.

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in the South African continent. The country is known for its diverse wildlife, national parks, forest reserves, safari, dramatic landscape, waterfall etc. Its capital is Harare which is the most populous and largest city of the country.

Zimbabwe has 16 official languages. The country has experienced the worst political and monetary crisis in the world history. But it is gradually recovering with recently having the $28 billion GDP. The economy of the country majorly depends on mining, agriculture and tourism sector. The country has the most lucrative mining sector as it has the world’s largest platinum reserves. The Marange field is the largest diamond producing field in the world. Zimbabwe is a country which is not only rich with natural resources but also has many billionaires. Here, let’s look at a few 10 richest people in Zimbabwe in 2018.

10. Charles Davy:

He was born in 1952. He owns around 1300 square miles of land by starting the business of hunting safaris. He did lot of hard work to earn the position in the world. His hunting business made him the wealthy man by the late 1990’s. His business provided employment to around 600 black families of an economically ruined country. Hi estimated worth is $540 million.

9. Ian Saunders:
He is currently the chairman of Falcon Gold Ltd. He is also the CEO of New Dawn Mining Corporation since 2008. He was born in 1968. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of mining business. He has been among the board members of five major companies- New Dawn Mining being the most influential and powerful. His total worth is approximately $590 million.

Richest People In Zimbabwe

8. Michael Fowler:

He is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur. He founded the Innscor Africa limited along with the partner Zed Koudounaris. The business was started as a chicken shop which later converted into a large manufacturing and sale of FMCG Company. The business was also expanded globally from Zimbabwe to all over the world. His fortune is estimated to be $645 million. Along with his partner, he was also involved in the controversy of transferring the funds into overseas accounts.

7. Sam Levy Family:

Richest People In Zimbabwe

He was a Zimbabwean property developer and businessman best remembered for his construction of shopping mall “SAM LEVY’S VILLAGE” in Harare. He was a self made man. He is and was one of the richest people in Zimbabwe at the time of his death. He was born on 9 October, 1929. In the year 1960, he founded the Macey’s Stores limited- a supermarket group. He was majorly into super market businesses. He died from cancer on 5 June, 2012. After his death, he was honoured with a lifetime achievement award as one of the most influential and successful Zimbabwean entrepreneur. His total worth was said to be $677 million. After his death his elder son took over the business.

6. Ken Sharpe:Richest People In Zimbabwe

His real name is Kenneth Raydon Sharpe. He was born in 1973. He is the founder and chairman of West Group of companies. He started his career in 1990 by starting a confectionery business which later on becomes the West Group. His total worth is approximately $690 million. A miraculous incident happened with him- He met with an accident while doing skiing where his brain got 60% cavity and he has only 3% survival rate still he miraculously survived and woke up from coma on his daughter’s birthday.

5. Zed Koudounaris:

Zed is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur who co-founded the Innscor Africa Limited with Michael Fowler. His total fortune is estimated to be $734 million (£603 million).

4. Billy Rautenbach:

Richest People In Zimbabwe

The mega rich mogul, tycoon and financier made around $75 million in three weeks through some shady deals facilitated by the government of Mugabe in the year 2014. It shows how wealthy he will be. His total treasure is worth around $740 million (£608 million). Billy is mainly into the business of trucks, mining, car manufacturing, agriculture etc.

3. Nicholas Van Hoogstraten:

Richest People In Zimbabwe

He was born in 1945 in England. His treasure is worth $750 million (£616 million). He started his career at the age of 11 with selling the stamps from his personal collections to noted collectors. At the age of 17 he joined merchant navy only for a year. Later he started the property business. By the age of 28 he became the youngest millionaire of Britain. He immigrated to Zimbabwe and owned several businesses and more than 1600 square miles of land. He is also the owner of mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo.



2. John Arnold Bredenkamp:

Richest People In Zimbabwe

A former Zimbabwean rugby player and businessmen was born on 11 August, 1940. He was orphaned in childhood; from there on he worked very hard and after graduation joined a tobacco company. After working there for several years he later founded the Casalee Group of companies in Belgium. It was a leaf tobacco marketing company also involved in general trading and barter deals. As per “The Guardian”- Bredenkamp has an estimated worth of $793 million (£700 million) which he has earned from tobacco trading, diamond mining, and sports marketing in 2016.

1. Strive Masiyiwa:

Richest People In Zimbabwe

Born on 29 January, 1961 is a London based Zimbabwean entrepreneur and businessman who tops the list of being the richest person of Zimbabwe with an estimated worth of $860 million. He is the founder of the organization “Econet Wireless”. The company is an international telecommunications group with operations in more than 20 countries. He has been rewarded and recognised globally for his philanthropic activities and is considered as the biggest humanitarian and philanthropist of Zimbabwe. Over the last 20 years, his organisation has helped more than 100,000 African students by providing them scholarships.


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