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ZBIN Vision and Top Priorities in 2017

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So ZBIN does not have a bank account, we do not have a single penny yet we are one of the richest communities in Zimbabwe? Where do the riches come from? The richness of the 28,000 strong group comes from  ‘Business Ideas and Networking’. Business discussions are going on every minute between 7:00am to 9:00pm in our various forums. 

Folks are networking, getting ideas on starting business, how to manage business, trends in business etc. Tens of business ideas are shared every day especially within our Watsapp Platforms. We do not give out loans but we can share where one can access loans. We can share how to access loans. So where we lack in terms of cash we compensate with innovative ideas for our members, we never run out of ideas to solve most of our business challenges. We have been doing this since 2015 and next month ZBIN will turn 2 years since it was established in February 2015.

We keep churning out business ideas, business innovations, business networkings. In March 2016 we went beyond business ideas exchanges-we started business tours to neighbouring countries. Mozambique-Tete was our first stop. I remember the Doctor doing my medicals asking me what I wanted to do in a poor country like Mozambique? He tried his best to discourage me from travelling to Mozambique as he termed the country backward offering no hope. I did not pay attention to his advice as all I wanted to do was to visit Mozambique and discover business opportunities if ever they existed.

I wasn’t disappointed with what I witnessed in Mozambique-there are plenty of opportunities in that country. My trip opened the doors for more follow up trips done by group members. Iam proud of the support from our members. ZBIN’s motto is to help in the development of Zimbabwe through innovation, sharing of ideas and networking. A person full of business ideas should be able to network with those with access to capital for their mutual benefit. A person with capital to invest but no idea on what to invest in should be able to identify profitable business opportunities that require funding and partnerships from the groups.

Our services are free of charge; our business innovations shared are for the benefit of our members and the country as a whole. One tenth of our members are Non Zimbabweans-they include South Africans, Indians, Zambians and Malawians. They are already benefiting from our various platforms where they get free business information and ideas. This shows that our platform is not only for Zimbabwe but we cover several countries especially those in Southern Africa.

Our top 3 priorities in 2017 include 1.Access to Capital/Finance for our members 2. Access to Markets by our members and 3. Partnerships. We hope to unlock more opportunities for our members by having better information so that they can access finance from registered financial institutions and investors. We also hope to help access to markets through networking and the use of innovative technologies. Lastly we hope to register growth through partnerships by locals and the Diaspora.

How much are we going to charge for all of this? Absolutely nothing because the ideas come from our members, the innovation comes from our members. So next month do take note of date of our first ZBIN Forum Meeting that will be held in Harare, Mainway Meadows. Do  come and participate in setting the agenda of ZBIN for 2017. More details to be shared by Catherine Shava who can be contacted on +263 776 196 313


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