Are youths in your church business savvy? Are they up to date with business information? Do they have skills on business opportunity identification? Are they up to date with available funds from Government and other sources? Are youths in your church forming companies? Do they know how and why? Do they know how to apply for tenders? Are they aware of opportunities that do not require a lot of capital?

The Good News
ZBIN is a Christian friendly forum and we have helped inspire hundreds of members from the Christian community. We have carried out church outreach programmes to the Christian communities in Harare and Chitungwiza. One worrisome trend we established was lack of entrepreneurship information! Few are reading newspapers, few are following local news…..the church community is out of touch with business!

In order to help plug the information gap, we have joined church groups to the ZBIN Whatsapp platforms with the first being Holiness Revival Church in Chitungwiza. They have been able to get latest information which we post on many groups on our platforms. We have made sure when we create new inspirational business groups such as the Chicken layer groups, they get first preference before groups are filled by others!

Your church can benefit too
Simply talk to your church leadership and create a business group and then add us and we will distribute freely business tips and information. Do not be left out, Zim is now Open for Business and churches should be open for business too!
This is a free service from the Zimbabwe Business Ideas and Network.

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