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Weekly Update: Zimbabwe’s Millenials and Business


The Millenials are people born between 1980 and 2000.Millennials are likely the most studied and talked about generation to date. They are the first generation in history that have grown up totally immersed in a world of digital technology, which has shaped their identities and created lasting political, social and cultural attitudes.
Like every other generation, Millennials display generalized and unique traits that make them different from their predecessors.

This group has a lot of interesting characteristics that should attract the attention of many stakeholders such as the business sector, the academic field, politicians, religion and civic society.

The generation is totally different from preceding generations, they started using computers at an early age, learning about computers is a must for all preschools in town. Compare and contrast with yourself…when did you learn to use the computer? At what age did you get your own personal mobile phone?

This generation is the most educated, most techno savvy and there are a lot of interesting stuff to learn about them. This group presents an abundance of opportunities only to those who strategically place their business inorder to tap into opportunities presented by this group that constitute more than 60% of the population.

Do local companies take into consideration the existence of this group? No not at all….most directors leading companies are from old school, decision making is still old school….business models and approaches still old school. Great news for young entrepreneurs to introduce disruptive techniques that take on established business models and create opportunities for themselves. Simply bring in Ecocash and make established banking powerhouses like Stanchart run for their monies. Throw in Nyaradzo and they will run away with the market…kumhanya nechinhu before anyone else sees the light.

Where is this coming from?
In our book of ‘Business Opportunities for Zimbabweans’ we have 2 interesting chapters (Chapter 4 and 5) which helps young entrepreneurs to take head on established business models, the two chapters enable Diasporans to quickly establish businesses instead of patiently waiting for years to establish businesses locally. Some may not even need to leave their bases-you can benefit from opportunities in Zimbabwe without a need to set a foot here!

The book is a practical guide…we decided against simply listing investment opportunities and deem work completed. We made it an experience, a journey from the present into the future. The objective? To create a competitive advantage by tackling areas which most take for granted, by bringing in new perspectives, by studying Strive Masiyiwa and realising that you cannot be on Forbes Billionaire list if you lack global thinking and thinking beyond Zimbabwe!

So when we are saying its the best book on entrepreneurship in Zim to date we really mean it! Experiences of setting a new regional digital marketing record gives us authority to talk about the subject with evidence backed researches, we have captured the forum voices too-so do not be surprised to see your name in there. A 3 year experience, we thought compiling it was an easy stroll in the park but unfortunately we hit some potholes as we were putting together a book in a style never done before. We are just happy that the monkey is off our backs with the book finally coming out this week.

We can now breathe
Now we can concentrate on other key areas that been left behind such as consolidating our volunteer program, finalisation of our training calender, SME Researches and Capacity Building. Advocacy and Regional Virtual Training. More of this coming out during the coming few weeks. We are going to build upon the base we set last year by coming up with high impact regional programmes.

Amhlope to the Rabbits International Company. The first private company to be formed by ZBIN members, the company seeks to help develop the rabbit market in SADC and connecting many subsistence farmers to the market. Made up of 14 members, we are starting a low key model of connecting a few farmers to the market. We will work hard to supply a few hundred rabbits every month to a select few retail stores. We will scale up the model with time incorporating lessons learnt and kaizen improving. By end of year we should have cascaded it to the rest of the region.

Pleasing Results
The forum was formed for information dissemination and business discussions. In 2015 we realized that there was no vibrant forum that allowed Zimbos to discuss business, to ask business questions and get answers. There was no forum where people could get business infor for free. So we started the journey with 2.000 members and today the numbers has shot up to 34.000 with tens added every day.

Of the 34.000 about 10.000 are active members meaning a 34% effective rate on a weekly basis. We would like to thank you for active participation as the forum has a share of 3.4% of the total population of local Zimbabweans on Facebook.

We end by wishing you a blessed and productive week.

Asante Sana.

ZBIN Offices, No 34 Quendon Road, Monavale

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