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Top Agritek Startups to inspire African Entrepreneurs


When it comes to farming, most think of access to farms. If you have no access to farming land then no benefit from agriculture right? Well not right-land is not everything! You can still make money from agriculture without access to land. All you need is innovation and be tech savvy and below we show you ow other young entrepreneurs are doing it. Yes you can make loads of money from agriculture if you change the way you think and view opportunities.

As population growth increases the need to ramp up food production, tech startups are creating a range of agricultural software, services, farming techniques, and more aimed at bringing more data and efficiency to the sector

The breakdown of categories is as follows:

  • Farm Management Software: This includes software like that produced by Andreessen Horowitz-backed Granularthat allows farmers to more efficiently manage their resources, crop production, farm animals, etc.
  • Precision Agriculture and Predictive Data Analytics: These startups include those that focus on using big data and predictive analytics to address farm-related issues and make better farm-related decisions in order to save energy, increase efficiency, optimize herbicide and pesticide application (such as Prospera, which uses machine vision and artificial intelligence), and manage risk, among other uses.
  • Sensors: Startups in the sensor category include Arable, which offers smart sensors that collect data and help farmers monitor crop health, weather, and soil quality.
  • Animal Data: These companies provide software and hardware specifically aimed at better understanding livestock, from breeding patterns (Connecterra).
  • Robotics and Drones: This category includes drone companies and related drone services that cater to agricultural needs as well as robots or intelligent farm machines that perform various farm functions more efficiently.
  • Smart Irrigation: These startups, including Hortau, provide systems that help monitor and automate water usage for farms using various data exhausts.
  • Next Gen Farms: A growing category of companies that utilize technology to provide alternative farming methods to enable farming in locations and settings that cannot support traditional farming
  • Marketplaces: These startups offer marketplaces relevant to agriculture by connecting farmers directly to suppliers or consumers without any middlemen. While some are e-commerce platforms, others use tech to facilitate physical marketplaces).
  • Plant Data/Analysis: These startups are getting more granular data about plant composition (microbial makeup, genetic expression, etc.) and/or analyzing that data to improve seed research & development and breeding .

Some companies may overlap with different categories and are grouped according to their main use case.

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