Paw Paw

Three years ago I met someone selling paw paw plants, he convinced me to buy  plants for $5 each. He said the plants would take 3 years to grow and provide good returns. I grudgingly parted with my $15 and not convinced that the small plants would grow and let alone produce produce good fruits.

A few months later i was to regret not buying more paw paw trees. The ones i had bought went on to do so well that i regretted not following instructions because i had been told to apply fertilizer to them and ensure that they are watered on a regular basis. Despite not paying close attention to them-the plants defied the the odds and did extremely well. Iam now on the hunt for more trees but regretting why i did not buy at least 50 trees. Iam sure by now i should be filling lorries with paw paws for sale.

So you too can try the paw paw business.You can buy plants or seeds of paw paws at the next nursery that you come across in town.If you are buying seeds, germination takes 15 days with flowering happening in 3 months and harvesting in 7 months. The plants have a life span of 3 years provided you take good care such as watering and applying fertilizer.



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