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Performing a ‘Liverpool Miracle’ in Business


I did not even bother to watch the Liverpool vs Barcelona match yesterday. I instead  followed the preparations of the elections in South Africa watching closely the debates and opinion polls. No need to watch a dead rubber-Liverpool was out! Of course I have watched remarkable come backs….plenty of them but there was no way Liverpool was going to overturn the defeat of 3-0! I don’t do soccer betting but surely if someone had said Liverpool was going to win, everyone was going to be against you. Common sense isn’t it? Barca beats you 3-0 and you expect Liverpool to win 4-0? You need your head to be examined!

But this is soccer…they call it the beautiful game and nothing is impossible! Liverpool romped to a 4-0 victory at Anfield in one of the best matches this year…unbelievable stuff.

Entrepreneurship lessons First Leg

You have the first leg as a startup, you have high hopes of profits, you have seen others making money…the field is profitable. You do your meticulous planning, good market research and an award winning business plan. You put your resources together and plunge into the business field. You have the support of family and friends and looking forward to a victory.

Within a few months your world is shattered by events on the ground, silly goals conceded as some employees vanish with inventory or cash. Big clients do not honour obligations, the foreign currency markets swing southwards, inflation throws spanners into your business. The wheels come off and you concede 3-0! But hold on, this is not what you had planned…where are the profits? Dejected, embarrassed, distraught, disappointed- you walk off the pitch with your tail between the legs and throw in the towel. Your nemesis celebrate your fall from grace…you set social media alight with memes of your loss.

Entrepreneurship Lessons Second Leg

You have a tsunami against you. A tsunami, a cyclone, a volcanic eruption plus an earthquake to deal with. You are in the red, no one has trust in you any more…after all you proved it in the first leg that you are a hopeless team-perhaps directionless and many start asking how on earth you even managed to get there in the first place. However you refuse to give up-you go back to the drawing board and restrategise, you analyse your mistakes in the first leg, you look yourself in the mirror and motivate your players. You ooze confidence and rally your supporters to come and support you. You already know the pain of defeat, the embarrassment and the jeers from opponents. Hold on…you have nothing to lose. With chest high, confidence boosted you step in onto the pitch with one objective…perform a Houdini act and ride the tsunami wave, escape the volcanic ash and overturn the first leg defeat.

Dear forumite, you too can perform a ‘Liverpool Miracle’ and yes its possible. Its not an everyday occurrence as more than 90%of entrepreneurs who start encounter losses in the first 6 months and give up. Some do not even analyse what went wrong in the first leg. The shame and pain from the first leg is too much to even try again.

At what stage are you in your business? First leg? Expect a thorough drubbing and its normal-you don’t have the skills and experience….after defeat review what went wrong, get a mentor for motivation, learn from others and confidently enter the pitch again.

Congrats in order to Liverpool fans and wishing you the best in the final.

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