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Of Glenview 3 Clinic, Cholera Outbreak and Internal controls


Did spend the greater part of today at Glenview 3 Clinic one of the epicenters of the cholera outbreaks. The clinic is one of the 2 referral centres assisting patients with cases or suspected cases of cholera and typhoid . Had taken a relative who was critically ill but luckily he was attended to after 8 hours of treatment. Witnessed a lot of great work being done by the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, City Council Health Dept, Oxfam GB and MSF. Hundreds of patients were being attended to and treated efficiently.

Room for improvement

The area where patients queue for treatment is situated next to the road meaning that other clinic patients and visitors were mixing with cholera patients. One could witness a lot of mothers with newly born babies walking past the the centre thereby making them vulnerable to infections. The queues are sometimes long blocking the entrance to the clinic  therefore becoming susceptible to mixing and mingling with suspected cholera patients. This may result in more people getting infections especially patients and visitors to the clinic.

This can be rectified by creating a separate space for everyone queuing for cholera treatment especially to the immediate left of the entrance instead of cholera patients queuing parallel to the main entry . The health officials who designed the treatment centre should therefore review the internal controls so as to reduce unnecessary infections given that the diseases are highly contaminable.

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