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Meal Delivery Service Opportunities in Zim


The Zimbabwean economy is a complex one, in your analysis you cannot use the one size fits all approach. At face value it looks like no opportunities exist, it looks like all opportunities have been exhausted but if you dig deep you actually find new opportunities where business is thriving.

An analysis of all shopping malls generally show a decline in business. Look at some of the places we have covered on ZBIN such as the Old Mutual owned Highglen and Westgate . These shopping malls are characterised with empty office spaces. Most shops have closed doors and these malls are virtually empty. The Chitungwiza Old Mutual owned mall is doing better than Highglen when it comes to traffic but still the general trend is that of decline.

In Avondale, a new small shopping mall is being constructed a few metres from the Avondale shopping centre and this becomes the only mall being built in the capital. The Village Walk in Borrowdale being the other where CAFE NUSH is completing renovation for new premises.

So in the midst of all this what opportunities does ZBIN want to share with our members and followers? We can say that business is fast changing, the way of doing business or analysing opportunities is fast changing as well. A  look at one of our top articles we covered which looked at top areas where Zimbabweans are spending money revealed that Food is one area where there is no substitute!

Few companies are involved in Dial A Service business in Harare. The few that are involved in this business are enjoying their time in the sunshine! They are fast expanding whilst other areas of the business sector show signs of distress.

The big question

The question maybe how are they doing it? The easy answer to this question lies in who are you targeting? The high net worth class in Harare is now preferring ordering their food and having it delivered at their homes. Great way to avoid traffic congestion and possibilities of meeting the endless traffic roadblocks on our roads. So money saved in terms of fuel and the added advantage of convenience is leading to the growth of this sector which is still dominated by a few monopolies.

Food being delivered is mostly fast foods but there is a growing demand for traditional foods. The costs of running this business is reasonably low with the use of motorbikes which cost an average of $1,000 each. In some cases there is no need to rent premises as this business can be run from the comfort of your home.

Business Research

Do not just jump and try tis business without sufficient business research-unodonha! Take your time to build a clientele base, work with corporates where employees work during the evening such as Banks and Mobile Telecommunication Companies. Research more on companies that are doing well and find out where their employees get lunch or dinner. For now this business is concentrated in the low density areas but areas such as Chishawasha, Glenlorne lack coverage. Universities which house thousands of students provide huge potential too.

ZBIN wishes you best of luck and if you are in the Diaspora worry not, one day when the economy picks up-do expect this area to expand to all the residential areas in urban areas.




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