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Investment Idea with the highest return


As Zimbabwe starts the economic turn around journey there is one area we recommend for our members. The area used to give returns of 12 for every dollar invested. You want to do a guess work of the area? Well the area is Dairy Farming this is according to research studies carried out by the Zimbabwe Association of Dairy Farmers or ZADF. Their website is and contains a lot of good information on dairy farming in Zimbabwe. We recommend that you visit the site and read a lot of useful information.

This weekend we are not in dairy farming but we zero in on a lucrative sector or energy. The demand for energy keeps going up. This week we covered the expansion of urban areas in Zimbabwe, the urbanisation process is growing at a faster rate than ZESA can cope with. As a result the gap is filled with alternative energy of which solar is a good option.

Solar has been in demand and those who made big monies did not supply individual households. They targeted Government, NGO and Big Corporates. Even local authorities participated on the tender market with Murewa RDC and lately Rusape Town Council flighting tenders. The trend for local authorities is likely to keep going upwards.

This is the sector where the money is, an improvement in the economy means more demand for energy especially in the farming and peri urban areas. All the new suburbs coming up will have to temporarily rely on solar energy before ZESA connects them. We therefore urge our members to do a detailed study of this sector with a view to invest in it in the nearby future.

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