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How to Acquire a Mining Claim in Zimbabwe


★The first stage is to locate a site you are interested in.
An approved prospector *(You can contact Mines Office for Approved
buy a prospecting license from the mines office in the province you wish to register the block/ mine

Prospector will verify weather your site is open for prospecting or not, if you cannot find the site for yourself, the Prospector will help you find the site.

★ if the land is less than 100HA in which you want to peg a mine, then you ask for a written consent from the land owner, if the land is over 100HA then the Pegger *(Approved Prospector)* will notify the land owner about his/her intentions to prospect and peg a mine within that Land.

*NB* ★ if the farm is more than 100Ha the landowner is just informed his consent is not needed.

If the land is a State land, in some provinces, just inform the District Administrator for the intentions to prospect and peg, in some districts a letter of no objection is obtained from the rural councils at a cost

★ the (Approved Prospector) will then do the paper work together with the ground work.
★ within 31 days from the day of posting a prospecting notice, the Prospector will then submit the registration notice, pending for registration.

★ the Ministry of Mines will issue a certificate of registration after their site visit.

*Prospecting Licence*
Ordinary licence $200
Special licence. $600

*Registration fee for*
★ Precious metal $200
★ Base Minerals $300
★ Special grant. $1000
★Site registration. $ 50
★ Special block. $600

*Pegging fee*
Precious metal i.e. gold $500
Base minerals i.e chrome, antimony copper etc. $800
Special base blocks (150 ha). $1 200
Special grant From $800.00
Site Pegging. $400

Site Plan (95% accurate) from $500
Beacon installation from $250 including beacon plates
Cutlines from $0.25/m

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