The good news for art and music lovers is that the Harare International Festive of Arts is back! Some will be looking at enjoying themselves at the festival by checking out artists from the continent, a few will however be looking at the festival with different lenses-business!

ZBIN is therefore looking at the few folks who are interested in the business side brought about by the festival which draws thousands of followers. If you are a follower of HIFA, you may have seen that a few people from the event and they include the following:

1. Vendors selling food and drinks inside the HIFA venue

2. Hotels and lodges

3. Transport providers such as taxi cabs

The list can expand if one takes time to study who really attends this event as a lot of tourists visit Zimbabwe for the event. So what does a ZBIN need to do for now? Nothing complicated, just go to HIFA website and make inquiries. You may also need to be aware of all upcoming major events in your local area and find out how you can benefit.

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