Its Happy Africa Day to all Africans across the continent and instead of entrepreneurship stuff, we bring you ten great musical compositions from the continent. Most Africans only listen to music from their regions and as a result few know of music from areas such as Liberia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Sudan, Burundi or Rwanda. This post is a mixture of old classics and recent musical productions from the beautiful continent.

Happy Africa Day

Bandit Kame: Fode Baro|Guinea

Sweet Mother: Prince Mbarga |DRC

Ochestra TP Mazembe: Shauri Yako|DRC

Miriam Makeba: Patapata |South Africa

Zangalewa |Cameroun

Mulemena Boys: Lizzy |Zambia

Thomas Mapfumo: Vanhu Vatemwa |Zimbabwe

Africa: Salif Keita |Mali

Fela Kuti: Lady |Nigeria

Adia: Oliver Ngoma |Gabon

Sangue De Beirona: Cesaria Evora |Cape Verde

Bisa: Nanutu |Angola

Kulenyane: Culture Spears| Botswana


The whistling song:Lawi |Lawi


Kamain switch: Maima Alphone Kioko|Kenya

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