Zimbabwe is made up of two countries- Real Zimbabwe and Virtual Zimbabwe. You can break down Virtual Zimbabwe into Local and Diaspora. There are opportunities, plenty of them in Real Zimbabwe but the field is increasingly getting congested. Now Virtual Zimbabwe seems to have opportunities for everyone irrespective of who you are!

There are loads of opportunities and the good or bad thing is that most Zimbos are still to understand about these opportunities. Conventional education does not cover in detail opportunities in ‘Virtual Zimbabwe’ where opportunities are unlimited.

In ‘Virtual Zimbabwe’ you can set up factories, mining companies, retail shops, newspapers, shopping malls, vehicle sales….hey there are no limits kani. So its easy to give up and say there are no opportunities in Real Zimbabwe because our education was tailor made to grab opportunities in Real Zimbabwe, our role models are people who made monies in Real Zimbabwe…this talk of Virtual Zimbabwe is alien…its an outer space phenomenon!

So u can easily give up all hope when you fail in the Real Zimbabwe but guess what? The good news is that opportunities abound in Virtual Zimbabwe if you are innovative, are willing to work hard and got integrity.

You are reading this article on Virtual Zimbabwe, Calculate the amount of time per week that you spend on Virtual Zimbabwe, some have more friends on Virtual Zimbabwe than in real life….so Virtual Zimbabwe is the future. For now there are still obstacles with less internet coverage in most parts of Zimbabwe but try and imagine 20 years from now. In 20 years internet will be free-everywhere….go to Rwanda for a case study. Visit some Asian countries for inspiration.

Real and Virtual-The battle

Have you seen that there is real battle going on between the 2 Zimbabwe? Look at newspapers…in some developed countries they have done away with newspapers; you no longer find newspapers for sale on street corners. All news is now online or virtual….Banks are downsizing with online transactions taking over…The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) recently closed shop in Harare because they computerized most operations including exams…no more need to send physical exam papers to Harare or Bulawayo for exam candidates and transporting them back to UK.

So the risk here is if you lose interest in Virtual Zimbabwe then you will be swept aside by the Virtual Tide. Virtual Zimbabwe is the future and already we are witnessing more time by youngsters being spend on Virtual Zimbabwe…already over 4 million Zimbos are on Virtual Zimbabwe with the number expected to increase in the future. It is affecting every facet of our lives-families now have Whatsapp Groups, Schools are now connected on Whatsapp and Facebook. There is a whole lot more happening and I may need the entire day to write it up

Grabbing Opportunities

The purpose of this article if for you to grab a piece of Virtual Zimbabwe. To occupy and take advantage of this ‘new country’ where the old generation does not fully appreciate. A Virtual Zimbabwe which is not comprehensively covered in the old system of education. Some are still stuck in Real Zimbabwe and do not see any benefits of the Virtual Zimbabwe…some are even dismissing it out rightly. The fact that some are still decades away from appreciating Virtual Zimbabwe is a big advantage for you.

So go and have a plan to grab a piece of land on Virtual Zimbabwe-occupy as many hectares as possible and resale it in future. Go and build factories, build your own shopping malls, your own stadiums, your own stores and the cost of building is very cheap!

We will cover more opportunities in Virtual Zimbabwe and show developments in this country which is less populated.

NB* Article to be part of a presentation by ZBIN to a group of college students.

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