Most  entrepreneurs fear the word business plan. Mention the word business plan and most will lose interest, to some it is a complicated document that is expensive to produce. It is a document that is required for accessing loans only, after getting the loan then you are done, you put the document in a closed filing cabinet.

ZBIN would however like to assist the SME sector to appreciate the importance of business plans. A business plan should not be viewed as an unnecessary document designed with the sole purpose of accessing credit from registered commercial lenders. It is a useful live document which every entrepreneur should embrace-it can be used for day to day business operations!

With time, one can easily learn to develop their own business plan. You may not need a lot of expert advice on it. ZBIN has therefore developed a presentation as per demand from the ZBIN community. Go through the presentation, feel free to download and use it. Next week, we are hoping to do a Facebook Live update on Business Plans-we will upload the video on the page in case you miss it.

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