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Why its dangerous to buy an Ex Jap Car in Durban


For most people in Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and Zimbabwe when it comes to buying cars, Durban is one of the cheapest options. There is a lot of variety of Ex Japanese cars for sale and their prices  are cheaper when compared to others. For Zimbabweans they have the option of Musina car dealers but Durban still remains a better option.

Mode of Payment

Most people interested in purchasing second hand cars travel with cash which is usually in USD and this cash unfortunately attracts a lot of robbers based in the coastal city and therefore when travelling to Durban, you are always a target especially when you travel from car sale to car sale looking at various car models.

Latest stories from Durban

This is just one of the many stories shared by our members on our group. A man from Zimbabwe traveled to Durban with $40.000 cash  intending to purchase 2 minibuses in Durban. After arriving safely in the coastal city, he concluded a vehicle purchase deal with a reputable car dealer and then left the city having paid all monies.

Trouble however started for him when he reached Beitbridge waiting for his car but he was told that the vehicle carrier had been involved in an accident. He was advised to come back to Durban and claim his refund-this he did and upon getting his refund, a few metres from the premises of the car dealer…he was robbed by 2 gun wielding robbers!

In other cases people encounter excuses from car dealers, told to come back and collect their monies and like the case above-robbed of their cash refund by robbers with guns.

So be careful when buying second hand Ex Jap Cars in South Africa. Whenever you are asked to come and collect a refund in cash, rather ask them to do a wire transfer or get another car as you are most likely going to fall prey to robbers in a fraudulent scheme involving car dealers and robbers. Hundreds of people are being duped this way per month-dont fall victim!



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