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Westgate Shopping Mall Business Potential


It is one of the largest shopping malls in the country and possesses great potential. A visit to this place will shows that more than 60% of the commercial space is unoccupied. Business is mostly concentrated on the two supermarkets which are Bon Marche and Pick and Pay. The little business that happens at this place is taken up by a few commercial banks, hardwares, boutiques and pharmacies.

There is no cinema, no leisure and entertainment shops, no fruit and vegetables shops. What is worse is there is not even a single pub? Megga 2 is the last pub to be located at the mall and since location to Hatfield more than 5 years ago, no one has come up to set up a pub at the place.


Suburbs surrounding the shopping mall show growth, new suburbs coming up as Zvimba Rural District Council extends its influence towards harare with a new middle density suburb called Sandton. The proposed new parliament building will be built in Mt Hampden which will add to more business in this area.

A new massive embassy is also being built adjacent to the shopping mall. One of the biggest embassies in South Africa, when complete -will add more business to the shopping mall. So if you are coming to Zimbabwe we urge you to take a tour of the shopping mall and appreciate the potential that it possesses. A time will come when all shopping spaces will be filled up, a time will come when it will become almost impossible to get renting space at this mall….do not be a spectator, let this happen when you have a business plan in place.

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Asante Sana 

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