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Weekly Update: Conducive Family Environment for Entrepreneurs


So who are the biggest crowd pullers in Southern Africa? We find answers in Politics, Sports, Religion, Education and Entrepreneurship. You cannot ignore the growing Entrepreneurship Interest by citizens of Southern Africa with studies showing that Africa has one of the highest interest levels of Entrepreneurship across the globe.

For Entrepreneurship to thrive there is need for a conducive environment and the fist stage is at family level. As a parent are you supporting entrepreneurship by your children? Are you monitoring interest? Are you focusing strictly on academic and sports performance and leaving out one of the key areas for the future? You may ignore it but studies have shown that Millenials have a high interest in the subject and it ranks amongst the top 5 of areas young ones are interested in pursuing.

So provide a conducive environment that identifies, develop and nurture interest in Entrepreneurship. Mark Zuckerbeg’s father used to hire IT programming tutors to offer extra lessons to the youngster from an early age and it is not surprising that he is the youngest billionaire who is sitting at number 5 according to the latest Forbes Rich List.

The parents realised that the school system was not giving more than what their talented kid needed and decided to hire extra help. Are you doing the same? Does your grade 6 kid know about computer programming? Have you had time to talk about Entrepreneurship with your kids? Have you supported relatives or friends interested in Entrepreneurship or you have been the stumbling block dismissing every new idea that comes up?They say charity begins at home and we all need a behaviour change so that we support young entrepreneurs. It may not be financial support but moral support will go a long way in developing the next generation of highly successful Zimbo Entrepreneurs.

Whats coming up with the community?

1. Rabbits Company doing well after registration-they have finalised their business plan and will be doing farmer registrations.
2. Tapestry Company shareholders met and will finalise on registration and constitution drafting.
3. Poultry Company is supposed to meet during the first week after Easter Holidays.
4. Construction Company will meet during the second week of April.
5. Education company to conduct Young Entrepreneurs Holiday Training during the month of April before schools open.
6. After successfully publishing a groundbreaking Entrepreneurship Book on Opportunities for Zimbabweans, we are back in the library completing the SA Book on Opportunities and this one should be bigger and better.

We are glad that now we no longer talk of ZBIN App Groups but companies which are wholly owned by members. Our target is 10 successful companies formed by members. We are not just talking of Zimbabwe Being Open for Business but we are opening the forum too and collectively forming companies that tap into existing and emerging opportunities.

Lastly we are arranging for a field day for the Chicken Layer Farmers and we hope to update you on logistics during the week.

We wish you a fabulous and blessed week.

Happy Holidays

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