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Greetings Business People how are you doing forumites? Its 5 days into 2016 what are your predictions when it comes to business?

Ok this evening I bring you some interesting stuff especially for resident Zimbos, ava varimuno hedu muZimbabwe—aaah kwapisa. Ukuwo mvura hameno hameno, I have been calculating especially for Harare -so far kuti tawana moore thanrains of a normal rainfall season? I really doubt Elnino yanetsa iyi.[soliloquy id=”75″]

Ok the great news that I have is that some time back before the formation of this group a friend approached me zvikanzi Mdala I got a relative of mine arikudawo basa mubatsire. Hino wa Mdala ndikati zvomene handina chandingamubatsire nacho but ngaambounze cv yake tiwone.

Cv ichiuya wanikwe mwana uyu is one of the most intelligent young Zimbos I have ever met. Her name is Nyasha and I will feature her story later on during the year. Although I have never met her despite staying in the same neighbourhood ( Yeah wa Mdala haafaririre to meet folks lol)

So this lady andipa cv yake I got in touch with a few friends of mine in Uk, got an email from a UK based training institute called Asranti which you can find on
They were looking for module writers-vanhu vanoyora ma business modules for various business subjects.

So I checked with Nyasha–ndokubva amboti ayewa handisati ndambozviita, ndokubva ndanyengerera kusvika abvuma.

Bottom line is that the young lady accepted to write business modules for Asranti…kana uri a CIMA member or student you should know about it.

So the young lady got a part time job, got training and the good news is that ndakanzwa kuti akatenga mota yake nemari yekunyora ma modules.

So from the comfort of her home in Harare , the lady started earning hundreds of pounds!!! All she needed was a computer and internet connection and produce a lot of Accounting modules which were sold to a lot of Accounting students in UK and worldwide.

Vamwe vari busy kumhanya mhanya,kutsvaga capital,kukwereta vamwe venenge vakatyora pamba vachiita mari and you wonder how? Haana chikwambo here?lol Haasi tsotsi?

Bottom line dear reader is that the world is changing fast. Kune mimwe mikana yandingati mikana yemumhepo kkk As a forum we will try our level best this year to talk about areas such as :
1) Virtual work-virtual assistants etc
2) Forex trading
3) Call centres.

Mikana yakati kuti but chanetsa kusaziva. Tese tiri kuramba takatarisa same direction-kana usina capital wobva wangoti hapana zvekuita.


Be careful of online fraudsters. Those that say PAY US this amount kuti uwane ma opportunities. Wa Mdala is not talking about these schemes or aya ma pyramid schemes azara muZimbabwe anonzi unza mari as contribution wodeedza vamwe, yako mari yozita etc. We will help members by covering our topics on a forum where folks can quickly point out risk areas.

Wishing you all a Blessed 2016.

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