The Sunday Mail reports that a record $108 million was disbursed to gold miners in January 2018. The amount is for the 2.7 tonnes of gold deliveries to Fidelity Printers, the gold buying arm of the Reserve Bank. This is great news given that almost half of this gold was delivered by small scale miners (1.2 tonnes).

In the article published by the leading weekly, the Zimbabwe Miners Federation spokesman Mr Dosman Mangisi believes that artisanal miners can deliver way above their current capacity if they access credit facilities. He says ‘ I tell you that if small-scale miners get adequate funds-even small packages of US$20.000-they will acquire critical pieces of machinery such as compressors and increase production’

Our country is fortunate to be endowed with a lot of natural resources and untapped minerals constitute a gold pot for entrepreneurs! Of course we have known about diamonds, copper, chrome, platinum, gold, coal and gold, however a new mineral seems to be enjoying the limelight, the mineral called Lithium has great promise for the country as it is used for many purposes such as ceramics, special glasses and of course batteries for computers, laptops and other electrical goods.

Back to gold, you cannot ignore the $108 million with practically half of it finding its way to small scale miners…there is no better way to empower locals than to give them mines! We expect mining to be disturbed by the incessant rains currently pounding most of the mining areas but with the sector bouncing back to full scale operations around April and then it will be advantage GOLD and other minerals.

So who benefits from minerals exploration especially gold? The first is the miners themselves and secondly Reserve Bank. Who else? We have some interesting stories of brothers in the diaspora benefiting too from the mining sector! Do you remember our story on Strive Masiyiwa’s farm? In case you have forgotten-we said ‘You do not necessarily need to own a farm in order to benefit from agricultural opportunities’ You also do not need to own a mine inorder to benefit from the mining sector as shown by Diasporans based in UK.

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So the future is GOLD, we can add platinum, we can add chrome (we feature interesting stories of in our book), we can add diamonds in Angola but we cannot forget lithium and classify everything as Gold!

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