We continue with our efforts to help members to have access to business opportunities. We introduced Tenders Trackers 2 weeks ago and today we cover part 2 which showcases the top 6 public tenders for your information. We hope that the information reaches the Diaspora and remote areas across the country where they do not have access to newspapers.

For more information in relation to the tenders, do phone the respective organisations and find out about the tenders. Interesting facts about these tenders are as follows:

1.Most of them IT related, procurement of Desktop computers and laptops

2.Short turn arounds for tenders-closing dates coming in the next 2 weeks

3. Tenders related to construction

4 Tips on winning tenders?

-Your company should be registered and be tax compliant

-You should have good references from customers and suppliers

-Your books of accounts should be up to date, an up to date audit being a great advantage

-Your company should have a physical presence

Wishing you the best in your applications. You can download the Tender below. 

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