SME Volunteers

As an innovation driven institute, the Zimbabwe Business Ideas has introduced a Volunteer Program that seeks to help the Small to Medium Business Enterprise Sector in Zimbabwe and South Africa. The SME sector is highly informal and face a number of challenges such as lack of skills in various business operation areas.

To help the SME sector, ZBIN introduced an SME Volunteer Program whereby professional experts engage with local business operators and assist with capacity needs. The program seeks to tap into the huge human capital that exists within the community.

Volunteers will assist mentees with one on one business sessions, formal or informal training, development of manuals for download, virtual training and contribution of articles to the forum.

We have to date registered professionals from various backgrounds such as Accounting and Finance, Digital Marketing, Engineering, Researches, Organisational Development experts, Social Scientists, Digital Marketing experts, Lawyers, Bankers and Agronomists.

We believe that through this programme, we will help in the skills transfer that will help to capacity build the small business sectors in Zmbabwe and South Africa. By acting as professional role models, mentors can give back and make a significant contribution to the industry, while mentees get the help they need to help improve their skills in running business enterprises in a fast changing globalised economy.

To serve as a mentor, you must be:

  • Any national
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Be willing to assist the business community

Contact Details

Office location : No 34 Quendon Road in Monavale, Harare.

Telephone number is +2634 339454 or  774081808/0772727827

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