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Serious Carpet Making Business from Durban


After our successful tour of Mpumalanga, we headed to Gauteng Province where we stayed in Johannesburg for a day before proceeding to KwaZulu Natal Province where Durban is based.

Our first time to ever visit this beautiful coastal city for tapestry training. The first thing you notice when travelling from Johannesburg to Durban is a noticeable drop in altitude.

The purpose of our tour was a simple one:

Inspire Durbanites to start businesses that sells carpets!

The training has to be one of the best trainings we have ever done. A lot of people came with some coming from the Ministry of Education , NGO representatives, business women and men. Some drove from Eastern Cape and Pietermaritzburg. The top of the range cars should tell you about the seriousness that Durbanites attached to the training.

Our training centred on Tapestry Technical Skills Training, Entrepreneurship Training and a Shopping Mall Access to Markets Tour.

The technical training went on well with our trainer Tracy Mukasa leading the course which was well received. We introduced the entrepreneurship training on the first day and the lady from the Ministry of Education got curious, she asked for permission for her son to attend the session the following day. She did not want her son to miss out on the entrepreneurship message since he had his sights centred on the entrepreneurship journey. The following day we had Vuyani as part of the trainees attending the session.

Results : Technical Training

KwaZulu Province got tapestry training and they did not disappoint.

Results Entrepreneurship Training

Our training starts with promoting businesses by members so that they become networked and share the same vision. Our training output is to have a collective company formed. A company that helps members that cascades tapestry within the province,  a company that sells carpets and help to improve livelihoods of members and the community.

The good news is that plans are underway to form a company by group members, they are getting inspiration from Mpumalanga where a company is already in existence!

We also carried out a business tour at a nearby shopping mall and what are the results?

We managed to visit 4 shops within the shopping mall where everything went well except one shop where we were dismissed. The owner of the computer company was not interested in hearing our carpets story.   The best part of the tour has to be an Indian carpet shop owner who immediately wanted orders, price ranges and photos of complete samples. We were unfortunately not prepared enough as this was a market assessment exercise. The ladies got contact details and followed up with the requested documents. One of the ladies Nunu actually got an order from a Kaizer Chiefs fan!

Vote of Thanks

So we went to Durban and did not disappoint, how did the province react? We were crowned-initially taken aback because this was not expected! We got our first business award as a forum and it came in a traditional way in KwaZulu Natal. We got traditional gear to cap a fine outing for the forum in the coastal city! This was a trip with a difference and we will forever remember this special trip. We therefore would like to thank the wonderful people of Durban and we look forward to them cascading the training to millions of others in the province.

For more information on follow up trainings, do app +263774081808 or email

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