ZBIN  once took Homelink to task a few months ago. We asked for more action-more energy from them so that they can play an active part in the Economy. Perhaps a bit harsh but we asked why they were doing nothing in terms of building new homes or bringing new initiatives that benefit the nation. The good news is they have responded in style! They have launched an excellent facility targetting the SMEs, Individuals, Groups and Cross Borders. Dear member, Homelink seems to be back! This is perhaps the best facility for SMEs to date! Homelink has introduced a USD 15 million Cross Border Traders & SME Facility.

The objectives of the facility are as follows:

To provide working capital to support bonafide Cross Border Traders

To provide credit and banking services to Cross Border traders and micro-producers

To provide micro-export finance

Individuals and Group Requirements

  1. Reference letter from a registered cross border association
  2. Goods/raw materials imported must not be prohibited in terms of statutory instrument 64
  3. Security vetting and figure printing to be done at homelink
  4. Where one is formally employed, proof of employment in required/Confirmation letter from the employer/3 current payslips/3 month bank statement
  5. Where one is not formally employed, an applicant to provide a formally employed guarantor. Guarantor to provide the following(Identity document, confirmation letter from employer, 3 current payslips, 3 month bank statement)
  6. Valid Zimbabwean Passport
  7. Individual to be an account holder with Agribank
  8. Proof of residence in the form of a utility bill issues in the last 3 months. Affidavit by the landlord or confirmation by village heads.
  9. A group consists a minimum of 3 up to a maximum of 10 members. All members collectively liable for the group loan repayment

SME Loan Requirements

  1. Must be a member of an SME association
  2. Must be an account holder with a Zimbabwean bank
  3. Goods/raw materials imported must not be prohibited in terms of statutory instrument 64
  4. Security vetting and figure printing for directors to be done at homelink
  5. Must be buying, manufacturing or producing goods in Zimbabwe for exports
  6. Proof of residence of the directors in the form of a utility bill issued in the last 3 months
  7. Company documents: CR14,CR6 & registration certificate
  8. Bank statement for the past 6 months and confirmation of signatories to the account and /or sales book/invoice books for the past 6 months
  9. Financial statements for the past 6 months
  10. Projected cashflow for the next 6 to 12 months
  11. Asset Register for the company
  12. Directors’ personal Asset Register
  13. Debtors Book

Loan Terms and Conditions

  1. Individual amount from $100 up to $1000
  2. Individuals in groups $100 up to $1300 per member
  3. SME loan up to $5,000
  4. Association Loan up to $30,000
  5. Interest Rate up to 1% per month
  6. Non-refundable application fees (2% of loan value and a minimum of $10 for individuals and $50 for SMEs)
  7. Insurance fees deducted from loan amount (2.1%)
  8. Loan tenure 14-90 days
  9. Loans above $1.000 shall be disbursed into an account, Visa or Master Card

 Homelink Contact Numbers:

72-74 Samora Machel Avenue, Hardwick House, Harare, Zimbabwe

Phone numbers: +263-4-792800;263-4-790972

Email: website

ZBIN Comment

We would like members to utilise the facility responsibly-remember its a loan and not a free grant. We would like to cover success stories of people who would have benefited. The trick is to do well with a small loan facility and apply for a bigger loan. Also make sure that you have a solid business plan before knocking on the doors of Homelink-we will share with you business plan templates and cashflow templates

*ZBIN Mozambique Group should be the happiest  people celebrating this-for all the efforts that you undertook travelling to Tete in Mozambique, all the endless meetings we had in 2016….what more could we have asked for. We will share more information on the ZBIN Moz Whatsapp Group on opportunities in Mozambique.

Wishing you the best of luck in not only your applications, but successful business ventures funded by Homelink. Next we will push for such facilities to be extended to one of our key constituencies-The Diaspora!

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