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Positive Outlook for Tourism Sector In Zimbabwe


Little is known about the tourism sector opportunities for the SME sector. Most of the opportunities that exist are grabbed by the big corporates with a few crumbs going to small and medium scale enterprises. ZBIN will be doing more researches on this area which has a lot of promise. The good news is that tourist arrival  numbers have greatly improved, you just need to go to Harare International Airport and witness the number of planes and tourist arrivals….advantage Zimbabwe!

We have 3 new airlines such as Rainbow Airlines and Rwand Air. Ethiopian Airlines also introduced a new flight to Zimbabwe thereby opening the country to new sources of markets. Tourist arrivals are expected to increase by 41% between 2017 and 2021. Now this is great news for entrepreneurs including our hardworking sons and daughters of the soil based in the Diaspora.

International tourism receipts are expected to rise from the current $1,3 billion to $3.8 billion by 2021. The question to ask yourself is how do I benefit from this expected windfall? Who is currently benefiting from the $1.3 billion receipts and how are they doing it?

ZBIN will try and answer some of your questions in the coming few weeks. For now, we give you a report for download, it comes from BMI Research Group.

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