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Polydactyly and Business: A look at people born with 6 fingures on each hand

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Good Morning to you all hoping that we find you well. The rains have stopped in Harare and this comes as a relief as some of us are farmers and fields were water logged affecting crops. So this morning I bring an interesting story which is linked to Business and Leadership. Its the story of people born with extra fingures on each hand. Scientists call the condition Polydactyly. Iam not sure whether Africans have a name for the condition.

Scientific explanation of Polydactyly 

In humans/animals this condition can present itself on one or both hands. The extra digit is usually a small piece of soft tissue that can be removed. Occasionally it contains bone without joints; rarely it may be a complete functioning digit. The extra digit is most common on the ulnar (little finger) side of the hand, less common on the radial (thumb) side, and very rarely within the middle three digits. These are respectively known as postaxial (little finger), preaxial (thumb), and central (ring, middle, index fingers) polydactyly. The extra digit is most commonly an abnormal fork in an existing digit, or it may rarely originate at the wrist as a normal digit does.

The incidence of congenital deformities in newborns is approximately 2%, and 10% of these deformities involve the upper extremity. Congenital anomalies of the limb can be classified in seven categories, proposed by Frantz and O’Rahilly and modified by Swanson, based on the embryonic failure causing the clinical presentation. These categories are failure of formation of parts, failure of differentiation, duplication, overgrowth, undergrowth, congenital constriction band syndrome, and generalized skeletal abnormalities. Polydactyly belongs to the category of duplication. Because there is an association between polydactyly and several syndromes, children with a congenital upper extremity deformity should be examined by a geneticist for other congenital anomalies. This should also be done if a syndrome is suspected, or if more than two or three generations of the family are affected. Research has shown that the majority of congenital anomalies occur during the 4-week embryologic period of rapid limb development.

So why are we analysing this condition?

We are doing it  because it bas business linkages, legend has it that people born with 6 fingures are bound to be successful in life. At birth they usually cut off extra fingures so that a kid looks normal but there is a small remnant that remains. Are these necessarily successful? Are they special? Below we look at what history books and other nationalities have to say about Polydactyly.

Very interesting. I always thought that giants had six fingers in their hands and feet. It made sense if you think of the size of their feet and hands. The Sumerians used the 12 as a measure. We presently buy a dozen eggs in the stores. Why not 10 eggs? We have 5 fingers in each hand and feet. One foot equals 12 inches. Why not 10? My hypothesis is based on what we take for granted. The bible talks about the Nephelin and the Sumerians made reference in their clay tablets of Giants too. Makes you think that what we call history is quite skewed.
Andrew baille

My name is Dino (Konstantinos) and i was born with six fingers on the left hand. I am 40 years old and reside in Australia and It was cut off by doctors when i was a few days old (if i had my choice i would not have touched it) but i still have what you can clearly see is the remnants of a six finger on my left hand. As there is no history of such in my family history and the first in my whole family to be born with this mutation. It took 10 years for my parents to have me and i am an only child. The only thing i have very curious was not having a any such mutation in family blood line on both sides and how scientifically it could have happened to me. I am a very spiritual person and open minded, I’ve been told on many occasions that six fingers means good luck, compassion, generous, kind and affectionate. I therefore considerate a blessing by nature and a gift from the gods. If anyone can answer or give some inside into the genetic and DNA question of having no family history of it and and me being the first to have it that would greatly appreciate, just curious is all. All responses welcome 🙂      

General surveys of skeletal collections from Arizona for evidence of trauma and pathology led to the identification of polydactyly in two subadults. Polydactyly is a congenital condition characterised by the presence of extra digits on the hands or feet. Both affected subadults exhibit a sixth digit in the form of a branching fifth metatarsal. One of the affected individuals is an infant from the Tapia del Cerrito site exhibiting Y-shaped fifth metatarsals indicative of postaxial type A polydactyly. The second individual is a juvenile from the Nuvakwewtaqa (Chavez Pass Ruin) site exhibiting a left fifth metatarsal with a lateral branch, also diagnosed as postaxial type A polydactyly. These two cases appear to be the first examples of polydactyly from archaeological contexts identified among subadults, and bring the total number of known cases from the American Southwest to six. Discovery of so many examples of this relatively rare condition amongst the Puebloan people of the Southwest adds to the evidence that, rather than simply being an artistic motif, rock art depictions featuring hands and feet with six digits were probably inspired by observation of the condition amongst living people. Furthermore, burial treatment of the Tapia del Cerrito infant suggests that polydactyly may have conferred a special status on the bearer. Copyright © 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
crystal sage

Six Toes
After reading your article in nexus mag I decided to tell you about a story I know of a foot with six toes.
About ten years ago my girlfriends neighbour had a strange thing happen one night. The neighbour was woken up in the middle of the night by her son who was ten at the time rushing into her bedroom say that there was a brilliant light in his bedroom. The parents went into his bedroom to investigate what was going on but the light was gone. The strange thing was that towards the end of the boys bed was a large foot which had been burnt right through the blanket leaving a hole in the shape of a foot about 12inches long or maybe a little bigger. The strange thing was the foot had six toes.
The neighbour told my girlfriend and she told me and the neighbour invited us both over to look at it. I thought burning a hole in the blanket in the shape of a oversized foot should have set the blanket on fire but it didnt. Also you could see where the pressure marks had been like somebody had walked over the bed and burnt the imprint which was left behind.
I am not a professional person in these fields just a housewife but I didnt believe this incident to be made up. Many other strange things happened in that area an eventually most of the people who lived there moved away. This area was in northern NSW Australia.
Hope this info helps you. Reader of Nexus 16years.

Postaxial hand polydactyly is a common isolated disorder in African black and African American children, and autosomal dominant transmission is suspected. Postaxial polydactyly is approximately 10 times more frequent in blacks than in whites and is more frequent in male children. This study showed incidence of all types of polydactyly to be 2.3 per 1000 in white males, 0.6 per 1000 in white females, 13.5 per 1000 in black males, and 11.1 per 1000 in black females

Extra Toes and Fingers
I thought your page was interesting and thought you would be interested in my family history. My mothers family has extra toes and fingers. It only seems to be passed on by the women in the family. I was born with 24 digits in all, one extra on each hand and foot. My youngest child (a boy) was born with 24 digits as well. (my older child had no extras, also a boy.) I wanted to know if you could get me in touch with the other extra toed people that have commented on your site?

To make a long story short polydactylism runs in my family. I have always felt in a very strange sort of a way that I do not belong here (as in on this planet). I have also felt that some sort of barrier has been placed in my mind to keep me from advancing for beyond what most people can comprehend. I am very aware of the existence of beings if you will that are just sitting around watching us like we’re lab rats of sorts. For sure, if nothing else the very elite are watching us in this manner. As humans we are all limited in vision as well as our thinking ability. Just look around at all of the educated fools there are in this world and have been throughout history. I admire your attempt to break through to find the truth but unless you get lucky you will not be able to overcome your physical limitations. Last but not least humans to me appear to be dumb but very dangerous animals almost virus like in nature. We did not come from this planet or we would be able to live in this environment without aid of clothes or SCUBA gear, etc. This is as far as I have gotten when it comes to figuring things out and I believe this is about as close to the wall as you can get without getting next to the elite that are hiding the very facts you are trying to discover which would in turn upset the whole belief system that has been created to keep man under some type of control.
john hunt                       

My name is Velvet Rose. I was born with 6 fingers. I believe that I am precognitive amongst other things. And I want to know everything about how to handle and deal with this. I dont feel like everybody else. I know things without being told. Its uncomparable and I think it may have to do with being born with 6 fingers I dont know. Can anybody who knows something about this contact me?

I admit that your site is interesting but some replies are borderline strange. Well, there is well documented cases of family genetics for polydacism. I had it (extra fingers removed at birth) but didn’t pass it on to my sons nor they to their children. It seems to come and go throughout our family line. We trace it back to King James and Anne Boleyn. I was told by a Indian gentleman (whose father was a medicine man) that they believe special talents can be found it people with six fingers and it wasn’t that common in their history (Plains Tribe). The cats that have it seems to dominant the area around here.
Interesting subject,
The Mulder’s

Trevor, I believe you are correct.
Based on my own 6-finger research, this is what I’ve come up with:
Obviously having six fingers or toes points to the individual having either a genetic deformity or genetic “throwback” from something in that individuals bloodline, past.
Seeing as I do not believe it to be a one-time deformity in an individual (too consistent and wide-spread) I am forced to accept that it is genetic throwback.
When digging in, it seems that:
Back in the day, the watchers of man, appointed by God, forgot/neglected their duty and instead, lusted after the human women they were supposed to protect. Their union with human women (rape?) produced superhuman offspring. I believe there were 200 of these “watchers” who rebelled.
These offspring grew massively huge bodies, incredibly strong, durable, fast, and of course they all had six fingers and six toes. They also grew to an incredible age.
These creatures ruled over man and the planet for a long time.
They are responsible for the pyramids, Nazca lines, and all other old world monuments which we cannot explain using human-based principles.
Their hybrid children were the so-called “men of renown” as mentioned in the Bible.
They are the base of almost all mythologies. Greek, Hindu, Inca, pre-Inca, Sumer, Egyptian.
It was them who taught man about the stars, nature, science, writing etc etc.
Apparently their “hybrid policy” also extended towards the animal kingdom. ALL myths about human-animal hybrid creatures are based in fact.
Make no mistake, they were not nice guys. They ate human flesh, drunk human blood and had human sacrifices. Humans were their pets, playthings and food.
Hence our fascination with vampires today. Our fear of creatures drinking our blood is based on the fear of our ancestors.
Their knowledge of science, nature and astronomy far exceeded ours of today. Obviously, their original parents on earth were not human. IE; Not from this planet.
All of a sardine the Biblical flood makes perfect sense:
It was in order to cleanse the earth of the foreign bloodline (giants & hybrids) and start again, with a pure human bloodline. Noah and his family.
Oddly enough, all the flood stories from all over the planet feature the same character, by name, Noah.
China, the Hottentot people, Inca. Look it up.
But apparently the flood did not kill all. A guy called “Og”, the king of Bashan survived. After the flood he interbred with humans and started a race of people known as the “Annakim”. They were giants. All had six fingers and 6ix toes. The Biblical Goliath and his brothers were from the very same bloodline. These were the people the Israelites were told to destroy when they entered Canaan. They killed every one of them to the last man, woman and child. Again, the policy of keeping the homo sapiens bloodline pure. Do people read their Bibles? Obviously not.
So yes, people with 6 fingers and/or 6 toes are still born today. Same with giants.
It is merely a genetic throwback from a long time ago.
To me there is nothing strange or weird about having 6 fingers.
It is in fact a crucial reminder of our well documented but ignored past.
So consider yourself lucky. Six toes or not.
At least we’re not food anymore.
Bubba Tentoe

The Nephilim
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days-and also afterward-when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.
Genesis 6:4
We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.
Numbers 13:33
These statues are made to symbolize these giants of old, sons of angels. As you have obviously shown they were know to every culture across the world. The term Nephilim translated into Greek means Titan. Whom were also sons of the gods. These men were said to have six fingers. There is even a story in William Cody’s autobiography about an encounter with the Pawnee Indians that reads.
“While we were in the sandhills, scouting the Niobrara country, the Pawnee Indians brought into camp some very large bones, one of which the surgeon of the expedition pronounced to be the thigh bone of a human being. The Indians said the bones were those of a race of people who long ago had lived in that country. They said these people were three times the size of a man of the present day, that they were so swift and strong that they could run by the side of a buffalo, and, taking the animal in one arm, could tear off a leg and eat it as they ran.” They too had six fingers on their hands, which was why the Indians raised their hands when they greeted someone, so that they could count the fingers, for they feared the six fingered men.


Alien Autopsy
Not so much a theory but an observation…Many civilisations from Central America to Africa and further have Gods with six fingers, we used twelve as our basic unit. Pounds Shillings and pence, and a Dozen are cases in point. The Neophilm in the Bible had 6 fingers. They were not of this earth and mated with the women of earth. These coincidences(?) must be linked. The fact the Alien Autopsy although steeped in controversy has consistently stood up to critics. Why would a hoaxer create a creature with six fingers when the creatures at Roswell are generally known to have had 4 fingers, surely you’d stick with the consensus, especially if you wanted to convince people. I feel we are looking at a non-human species from the past and present and they have perhaps evolved parallel to us but hidden, perhaps in Antartica. Many unusual projects have been based in Antartica.
Your site is very important to researchers studying the genesis of the AA. Thank you.


Theory: Extraterrestrials
I believe that our forefathers were extra-terrestrials and that they had six fingers and toes. That is why the mathematical system of both ancient Sumer and Egypt was based on 12. They travelled the world, and we can find twelve-toed footprints on Anasazi petroglyphs in the Canyonlands of Utah, USA, and a twelve-fingered Sky Kachina in the tradition of the Laguna, Hopi and other Pueblo Indians. The Brazilian Ugha Mongulala believe their “Ancient Fathers”, who came from the stars, had “six fingers and six toes as signs of their divine origin”.

I know a woman who’s daughter was born with a small extra pinky on both hands. She had them removed when she was a baby. I also had a cat with extra toes on each paw.

According to popular superstition, extra digits in a hand is a sign of great good or evil. An extra finger on the right hand is supposed to bring good luck, ill-fortune if on the left. Six fingers on both hands indicates that its possessor will be famous or infamous in some way, like Gath, the Philistine giant mentioned in the Bible (1 Chr 20:6).


So there you have it folks, comments from across the globe posted on the website You can visit the site and read more about this interesting topic.

This writer was also born with twelve fingures and when I was a youngster I could see visions of the outer space-a lot of things that were hard to explain happened. Iam glad it ended with time. So yes some people born with extra fingures have special talents. My small sample of people with extra fingures I have studied shows that they successful in the various fields they have chosen.

Iam a rich person? I do not think so especially when you look at my bank account. Maybe when it comes to business ideas, innovation and helping others? So help us to carry out a detailed study of people born with 6 fingures by sending your emails to We will send you a few questions and publish our results in a 4 weeks time.

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