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ZBIN Forum Update Nov 6 -Nov 13

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So as promised last week, here is the good news. Iam writing the first forum update from our website! Its been a long wait and the wait is over. Through the website we hope to achieve the following:

  1. More business sharing by members
  2. Effective networking by Zimbabweans based and the Diaspora
  3. Creation of Smart Partnerships by members and foreign investors
  4. Central filing of all resources that are required by members
  5. Promotion of business interests of members

Our forum will remain free for all the 28,000 members from the group Zimbabwe Business Ideas and Network. I will only be available during weekends to post any adverts or website updates.

We hope to repost some of the most interesting posts from the forum. I have already done so in terms of the Chicken Layers Project, Marketing Tips, DRC contact interview  and , Tete Trips. There are still hundreds of articles to be reproduced and filed on the website.

Updates from  ZBIN Whatsapp Platforms

ZBIN Real Estate forum is slowly picking up. We have added a couple of experts to the forum and we hope they will help the group with a lot of technical information on real estate issues. A weekly forum summary to be produced each week.

ZBIN Poultry Group No 4: This group is closed to new members and the reason is simple-we reached the maximum limit. With a lot of information shared, a lot of resources such as books, videos and audios iri group rinodadisa. Thank you Catherine Shava, Theresa Sithole and team for keeping the group intact. ZBIN Poultry No 4 wins the Munemo Award of the Week.

ZBIN Online Forex Group: The group Is slowly picking up with more information being shared. A free workshop is coming for members in the next 2 weeks. Do remember that you must never allow anyone to trade online forex on your behalf. We encourage members to gain a lot of information through trading on dummy accounts before going  live. For more resources on online forex trading Please visit

ZBIN Baking: Baking has taken Harare by storm, baking has gone viral…more and more ladies are trying baking for a living. A total of 4 ZBIN Groups now exist with a total membership of more than 1000. Thembie Cakes and Chichi Cakes , Thank you for providing leadership. A field day is coming for members at the end of the month. As for Harare men here is a surprise…I hear there is going to be an Xmas Baking Day for daddies, so get ready to try your hand and bake a family xmas cake in December!

ZBIN Mining: We are slowly getting there, more discussions, more resources shared, trackers on prices of minerals etc. Coming at the end of the month is a Mining Networking event and a possible Mining Tour to members in Mash West, a follow up to Cde Solar’s tour. Caution to new members, no discussions on controlled minerals!

Other ZBIN Groups-Transport, HR Resources, Poultry…keep it up guys, lets continue to unlock business discussions through discussions and networking.

The Forum & Diaspora

Before the formation of the forum we asked ourselves the following questions:

Lets say iam in Canada or Mexico and I want to invest in Zimbabwe, where will I get free information? If iam in South Africa and has got a kombi business in Zim, where will I get information about latest business trends in Zimbabwe? Even here in Zim like Mutoko or Plumtree where can one get business information for free. Good information for decision making? So the answer is business information is expensive…either uchanyeberwa or uchanzi pay me xyz amount. So as ZBIN we said we will fill the information gap..we will provide members especially the Diaspora with free business information. Through the forum you will be clued up with what is happening on the ground. As a result we do have three quarters of our admin team being outside Zim.

Harare only has 2 admins, Munemo and Clara Mapfumo..the same for Bulawayo where you find  Theresa and Munhukwaye Catherine Shava. Our forum Deputy CEO is based in Plumtree-Mr Polite Ndlovu. The rest of the admin team is based in Namibia, South Africa, UK and USA. So the Diaspora is part of us and every week I will be posting free business advice targeting the Diaspora.

Forum Big Day

All roads lead to Paramount in Hatfield next Saturday 12 November 2016. Its going to be a follow up business meeting for the Mozambique business opportunities group but I think we can spend an hour or so discussing about other forum business issues. You are all welcome to attend. It will also be our official Forum  Website  Launch hayewa makuwerere. Tingasafare sei hedu with a website that has more than a thousand hits in less than a week?

So thanks for the support. Big thanks of course go to our Admin based in the States-Chamu Chamakanda made it possible by paying for hosting fees for the website. Dai asipo tingori murima after tavharwa nemupfana uyu wekutora mari kwaakuno register in his name…aah vamwe vanhu? If you would like to attend the event then get in touch with Clara Mapfumo.

So keep supporting your forum, keep supporting business information sharing and networking. Lets unlock more opportunities for the betterment of members and our wonderful country, Zimbabwe. After the website the next work in progress is our online business  newsletter.

Till next week, Be Blessed.

Muito Obrigado

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Diaspora Matters

Awesome Trip to Tete, Mozambique Part 1

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This post originally appeared on Zimbabwe Business Ideas and Network Facebook Page in March

How is your Easter great people? Aaah I’m back…mufaro here uyu? Kunyemwerera here uku?Dream fulfilled–wanted to visit Tete, find out more business information about Tete. Wanted to have fun and discover new interesting stuff and yes I did, yes loads of fun I did enjoy

Purpose of the Trip:
The Purpose was simple, to tour Tete and find out whether there are investment or job opportunities for members of this group of ZBIN group.

Perception of Tete
Just like most Hararians, I ad very little information of Tete. Everything was based on hearsay and to some extent information obtained from the internet. So we can safely conclude that we knew nothing about Tete. In my  mind, Tete was a growth point!! A growth point with little development or uncontrolled development. An outpost of poverty!!

The Journey

We left Harare around 8:00am and arrived at Nyamapanda Border post around 10. At the border posts there were only 2 cars headed for Mozambique!! Get your facts right…Only 2 cars?? Ndikati hameno ikoko isu tirikuenda chete.

Excellent Moz Road
What a shocker—The road that you connect with right from the border is unbelievable. You can be mistaken for thinking that you have entered South Africa!!! But I tel u that the road is far much better than the Beitbridge-Musina road. Wot a sweet road…hahahaha. Uyo tikati hande nayo,Welcome to Mozaambique.


After travelling for 50-60 kms we entered Changara. A small urban centre –ndipo patakatanga kuwona toll gate but raisashanda.

Poverty -1
You will see from the fotos to be posted, dzimba dzemahuswa dzinorakidza kuti vazhinji vari mupoverty.( This statement may be debatable) . A lot of homesteads we saw on our way to Tete do point to extreme poverty. Pole and Dagga homes are littered along the road.

Cidade de Tete.

After reaching Changara you turn left—The road becomes busy, traffic activity increases by 800%….Signs of Economic Activity. You will meet a lot of gonyets travelling from Chimoio to Tete..Uyo takabva tati hande nayo road iyi tinowona kwainogumira.

Travelling at a safe speed of 100km/hr or so we were surprised to reach Tete in 1 and a half hours—Awesome!! We had planned to spend an extra 4 hours or so on the road!! Ko taive ne knowledge here? Our information was based on youtube and online map zve kkk

Mozambique Policemen.

I was afraid of speed traps and police road blocks. So during the trip I drove cautiously  given that this was my first trip ever to Moz. How many Police Road Blocks? Just 1….Yes just 1 road block!! Hatina kana kutombomiswa…takangopfuurira kuenda. Haa apa takawomberawo mawoko!

City Centre
Kuma 11 uyo tasvika…the first change you witness ma high temperatures—we experienced 33 degrees from Harares 26 and realised that masamba asiyana. Then the motorbikes—but everything else looked normal. Tichisvika tikabva tati handei kunopfuurira the Mighty Zambezi Bridge.
We decided to buy food and cellphone lines as well.

Language Barrier

Apawo vandinavo hapana ane Portuguese language knowledge. The little Portguese we know ma Chips and drinks…Easy stuff, food ichiuya. Then i asked about directions about the nearest hotel. Apo ka apo…apa arikutaura ne fast Portuguese…haa communication yaramba. But arikungoti Mbofana Hotel..Mbofana hotel. Then ndokubva pasvikawo kamwe kasikana ako kakati in English ayewa kuti musvike Mbofana munoofamba so, turn left etc.

Zambezi River Banks

Instead of Mbofana hotel we decided to turn back nedirection yatabva uyooo tananga pazasi pe Zambezi river. Parkei mota pane machinda ema motor bikes. Decided to cool off pamahombekombe e Zambezi River ….Aaah tikati heey we know this river from somewhere.

Part 2
To be continued as we explore Cidade De Tete and find out whether its a growth point and an outpost of poverty.

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*Raw post taken straight from Facebook,never mind the language and grammar, just enjoy

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