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Bakery Business Question

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Good Evening Investors: From the Inbox :Hi Iam planning to have a small bakery in one of the rural areas  around Harare, can this be a break through business considering the role of big players like Lobels and Bakers Inn in the game.

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Amos Chimwani Yah u will make money but it just depends on how u plan to do your stuff considering kuti the dollar a loaf is overpriced .You can just make fresh bread for half the price, focus on pushing volumes, enter new towns coz the other thing bout business is creating a good customer base, quality product and right pricing

Amos Chimwani And also the other thing get into farming so as to cut the costs of sourcing your stuff elsewhere like floor.just try to be the one  who provides the raw materials than the secondary stuff elsewhere

Francis Mguni Madhlala Its a good idea haumbonyuri wena unotangira pasi zvinoita wena

George Nyawo Armed with a proper market research, quality product, right pricing and customer care strategies you will definitely make it.

Petro Mawire Zvidzayi Great idea buda, have been planning to tackle the same project as well.

Shyreen Muringai bakery has been a good business do your calculation very well and thorough market research zvataurwa nevamwe uko zvinoita wena.

Anesuishe Chiwaya I like the idea that you already have a nice market, the likes of Lobels and proton wont be a heavy burden to your business if you play your game very well. Try not to produce bread only, supply a number of different bakery products. Be strict on the quality of your products and make connections with some shop owners around the area and make deals to supply them with bakery products that way you make sure of a steady cash income and a continued operation. All the best pal

Francis Munangwa In a country with an industry capacity utilization of below thirty percent all business ideas can be good ideas. The weight of a person is not significant on its own; it is only significant when a comparison is made with his weight, height, sex etc. It is how you’re going to do it which is important. Do you have something new which you have, are you focusing on people or money, do you have the passion etc. Rainbow Beverages, then led by Brian Mutandiro entered the beverages sector which was heavily dominated by Delta. They had a good product, Mr Juicy, which became a threat to Delta’s dominance. Delta destroys this brand in a manner which to me was economic sabotage; they bought it and discontinued production. The bigger players can be ruthless. You should also do a proper research as bread production has moved from small bakeries to big bakeries because of economies of scale. Bakers Inn has centralized production and this reduces the production cost. The most important thing is you need to understand that business advice is not a hobby, quality advice is offered for a fee as there is no fit all advice. We can all advise you to try it because we have nothing to lose. Everyone wants to be viewed as positive but personally I’m not comfortable making a decision during the absence of a Devil’s Advocate.

Prisca Ncube Musere very good points there Francis !!!

King Krayza Bee thank you guys, i thing i got a balanced discussion on both sides of a coin. I will consider your views and i hope to come up with a best solution

Livingstone Muringai l believe you can make it my brother and u need the right people to work with especially when u are starting. l have been in bakery industry for about 15years and it needs good strategies and patience. I am willing to assist you. Inbox

Shakespeare Matandanure I think proper business strategies must be carried especially marketing research, to evaluate success and competitive edges ,

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Raising Rabbits For Business

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Good morning forum members, today we are fortunate to have information on Rabbit Farming from our ZBIN Rabbit Group Admin, Mr Kofi Rawlings. He is also the co-founder of  Rabbit Breeders and Producers Association of Zimbabwe.

Advantages of Rabbit Production

1. Minimal space requirements: Up to 12 rabbits (weaners) can be raised in a square metre,

2. Less time demanding: Rabbits can be fed once a day, under proper management.

3.Prolificacy: Rabbits have a very short gestation period (average 30days) and can rebreed within 14 days after kindling. A doe can produce at least 50 kits in a year,

4.Products and Income. Up to 98% of the rabbit can benefit the farmer. Rabbit products include meat, breeding stock, rabbit urine processed into foliar fertilizer, rabbit manure, pelts into leather (shoes, wallets, phone pouches, jackets and belts), furs to make coats, claws to make buttons and offal into pet food.   5.Lucrative and sustainable business: Rabbits are sold at 12-16 weeks with production costs not exceeding 2.00 per kg and the current RBPAZ buying price is 5.00 per kg.  Breeding schedule can be adjusted to sell rabbits monthly. The breeding stock can produce for up to three years.


Is there a market for rabbit meat? Rabbit meat is on high demand for its nutritional benefits. It is high in protein, vitamin and low in fat and cholesterol. Rabbit meat is recommended over red meat by health professionals.   Rabbit Breeders and Producers Association buys rabbits from its registered members. The market is ready.

Before Undertaking a Rabbit Farming Project

It is important to do a lot of research and planning. One should get hands on training and conduct at least 2 field visits where you will learn from other established farmers. Relevant material  include reading materials and computer or android programs used in management. It is highly recommended that farmers go through A to Z theory and practical training. The training should cover breeds, breed selection, housing, nutrition & feeding, reproduction, health & diseases, slaughter & dressing, record keeping and marketing.

Planning and Resource Mobilisation: It is important to come up with a good rabbit farming business plan. It is one of the key ingredients to the success of your rabbitry. The plan is essential to various stockholders and stakeholders that include management team (road map or blue print to assist in achieving set goals and objectives), bankers (financing decisions), and investors. Resource mobilisation and distribution is determined at this stage. Market research should be part of the planning process to help in developing strategy and decision making. Many rabbit producers have decided to join farmer organisations for market support after a careful market analysis.


Constructing cages:Rabbits are clean and silent animals that require good hygienic environment. Cages should be well ventilated and constructed above the ground. These should protect the animals from the harsh environment, predators and ensure proper security. Siting and the design of structures is key to successful production. Narrow and long structures allow excellent ventilation and temperature control.  The rabbitry is divided into two sections, maternity and fattening. These sections have different nutritional, space and management needs.  This ensures efficiency in management. Rabbits can be raised from the backyard, on a small space. Multi-tier cage designs save space and 12 weaners can be raised in a square metre.

Breeding stock selection: There are more than 150 types worldwide. Some breeds are good for meat or fur whilst some do well in producing both. Theory and practical training which covers breeds and selection is highly recommended.  Always source breeding stock from reputable breeders and do not believe that ‘every female rabbit is a breeding doe’. Rabbit Breeders and Producers Association has inspected breeding stock from its Breeders Club. These breeders understand science behind breeding rabbits therefore a quality product is guaranteed. All breeding stock is carefully inspected for growth rate, age, feed conversion efficiency, phenotype and genotype by Animal Scientists. Each breeding rabbit supplied carries its record card and the office has master records up to the third generation. Our breeding does are $15.00 each (12-16weeks). Same day collection!

Contact Details


Phone Number: +263 0774075579

Address: 9 Five Avenue Harare

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