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Answer to the Horse Quiz

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Here is how:

One horse =10

One horse shoe =2

One boot =1

We then need to evaluate the value of the boot plus (horse × horseshoe). This is 1 + 10 × 2 = 1 + 20 = 21.

(The 10 × 2 is evaluated first by the order of operations because multiplication takes precedence over addition).

Congrats if you got 21

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Diaspora Matters

Chichi Cakes Interview

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Iam a loyal customer of Chichi Cakes . Whenever I need cakes at home, I know where to go-Chichi Cakes is always my first point of contact. She is the administrator behind our hugely popular ZBIN Baking Groups. This evening we pose a couple of questions to her. The first one is how did u end up baking cakes?



Chichi Madanhi Thank you Mdala Wa Rue. I have always loved baking since I was a little girl. So I grew up baking but I could not ice and decorate cakes. A sister of mine Edinah Marange encouraged me to do a baking course at Thembies’ Baking School. At first I was reluctant and told her I could already bake and that I didnt want to do it for business. She then said well you can perfect your skills for your family. So I did the course part-time on Saturday mornings. Upon completion, I slowly began baking for business. At first my clients were family and friends. And then the business began to grow. Then I was working full time so I would bake after hours and weekends. When I lost my job last August, I had something to fall on. So I now bake full time. I also travel to Namibia once a year to teach some ladies there. This year will be my 3rd year.

Chichi Madanhi My facebook page

Chichi Clobber & Cakes

 Mdala Wa Rue Thanx Chichi Madanhi had not known that whenever you travel to Namibia its for business…how did u get this Namibian business?

Chichi Madanhi It is indeed for business. There is hardly time for leisure. One of my BFFs hooked me up.

Mdala Wa Rue Losing a job is one terrible experience …having no regular income can be devastating …how long did it take u to adjust?

Chichi Madanhi A year later I am still adjusting! Its not easy.

Mdala Wa Rue Have u expanded to corporates

Chichi Madanhi It is my aim in the long term.

Tafa Dzwa Sandra Well done Chichi Madanhi you have really inspired me. I am def going to come for lessons. Love baking too but do it for fun. I think its time i take it to the next level

Linda Ditima I hv being Chichi, s customer for a while now and I am glad I have known .she does a good job! Her cakes are awesome and she does not dissapoint. I encourage you to try her cakes! Keep up the good work my sister!

Mdala Wa Rue Yes tasty cakes plus excellent customer service. Akakuti cake rinoita na 12 cake rinenge raita. Very professional

Chichi Madanhi Thank you Linda Ditima. Your support is excellent and always aprreciated.

Chichi Madanhi Thank you Mdala Wa Rue

James Munowenyu Beautiful stuff ! Will definitely be placing order I like

Prisca Ncube Musere This is interesting ,Go,Go girl

King Krayza Bee waal thats nice for you lady keep it up


Ps* This post was initially posted on ZBIN Facebook page in July 2016. Chichi Madanhi is Harare based and can be contacted on can be contacted on 0773760866

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