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Zimbo Sister Living in Angola Interview


How does Harare fare  against Luanda when it comes to prices? The price of a 2 litre cooking oil bottle in Harare is twice than in Luanda! The trend is the same when it comes to chicken. Economists may need to do a comparison of prices between Harare and one of the places known to be the most expensive in the world..Luanda! Our city may possibly have the highest prices in Africa!

We bring you part of an interview we carried out with one of our members based in Angola, Olivia Maguu Luamba. She lives in Angola and participated in the President’s address to the Zimbabwean community living in Angola last month.

How are living conditions in Angola?

Angola has a sub-tropical climate almost everywhere, with a cool and dry season from May to August, and a hot and rainy season, which runs from mid-September to April in the north-east, from mid-October to April in the centre, from November to March in the south, and from February to April in Luanda, while it’s almost non-existent on the southern coastline.The official language is Portuguese and is spoken throughout the country. There are some local languages, but these are mainly spoken outside of Luanda.The Angolan cuisine is a combination of Portuguese cuisine and west African cuisine. The traditional staple food is funge, which is basically sadza made from cassava flour. The cities close to the coastline eat a lot of fish.

How long have you been in Angola?

Almost ten years

Approximate Official Number of Zimbos living in Angola

About 500

What are the top business opportunities in Angola?

Agriculture, Mining and Tourism

Are there Zimbabweans doing business in Angola?

Yes (More information covered in our Investment Opportunities Book to be released next week)

Give us a break down of Rentals, Fuel Price, Cooking Oil and Chicken

We have a huge discrepancy between the official bank rate and the black rate e.g as I am answering these questions, the official rate is 1US$:202 AKZ while the black market rate is 1US$:400 AKZ . I will give the costs using the official and unofficial rate

Cooking oil $2.30 : $1.13

Petrol price $0.79 : $0.40

Chicken full $4.45: $2.25 

Rent 3 bedroomed flat (kilamba) $396:  $200

Rent 1 bedroomed flat (city) $1,250 : $625

Cost of air tickets from Harare to Luanda

Return flight TAAG – US$690

Tell us about top holiday destinations

Benguela has great beaches, Cabinda also has the Mayombe Rain Florest,

Can Zimbos find jobs in Angola?

Yes it is possible, although now it’s a bit harder than before.  Its very easy for people in specialized fields e.g Agriculturalists as the agriculture sector is fast expanding.

How did you learn Portuguese?

I enrolled for formal classes and later learnt from the community

Advice to first time visitors to Angola

You need to have a lot of patience. Don’t come here with expectations that things work the same way as in Zim or South Africa. Angola is unique and has a unique way of doing things.

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Diaspora Matters

Schools and Risk Management


Reports of an attempted kidnap of a form one pupil at a top Harare School are worrisome. So a form one pupil can be kidnapped at school? Now this is scary and we thank the Almighty that the pupil managed foil the kidnap and reported the case to school authorities. The school has since tightened security controls and we share with you the story because this can  happen at your own school. We have decided to tackle an important area which many businesses take for granted-Risk Management.

We start by asking ourselves what can go wrong at a school? What are the greatest risks that can affect a school?
1. Kidnapping or pupils going missing
2. Sexual Abuse.
4. Injury to pupils
5. Disease Outbreaks
6. Disastrous pass rates

The list is long and every school must always ensure that they monitor risks . It is a fast changing world and especially and the availability of social media accelerates the rate of change and in the process the nature of risks are fast changing as well. A number of our members operate schools and they need to be fully aware of risks affecting them and have effective risk management systems in place. Its needs to be noted that you cannot eliminate risks…rather you can only reduce them or transfer them and not completely reduce them to zero.


How the attempted kidnap events unfolded 

An identified man goes to the school and immediately identifies a form one pupil. He tells her that he had been send by her dad to collect her from school. He mentions the name of the kid and also the dad’s name.

The kid confused, asks what has happened to her dad? The man says he is running late and has overtime issues to deal with. The pupil further asks about her mum and the man replies that her mum has gone out of town.

Still confused, the kid probes further and asks the man where her dad works? The man does not answer convincingly and upon realizing this, the kid tells the man that she is going to report him to the school security.

The unidentified man then dashes out of the school yard and disappears into thin air. Later on it turns out that this was an attempted kidnap…the father of the pupil had not send anyone to collect his child.



1.This can happen to your own kid-sensitize your kid about this danger.

2. What if the kidnapper was a relative? Now that scary because the kid could easily have trusted the relative and vanish without trace.

3. How did the alleged kidnapper get to know about the name of the kid? Are you sharing more than necessary information about your kids on Social Media? Posting photos of your kids and their names on your Facebook Profiles and Whatsapp’s? You may need to revise this, not everyone lurking on the Internet has good intentions.

4. Schools should integrate risk management in their operations. Effective risk management means involving all stakeholders from pupils, parents or guardians and relevant ministry officials. They should come up with a risk strategy of how they will manage, monitor and take corrective action. This is an ongoing process as risks are forever changing.

5. Do schools have sufficient personnel for risk management? Probably not as most schools employ low level bursars with little experience on risk management. A look at most school bursar positions adverts will show that they need someone with a Diploma or first degree in Accounting to manage school finances…..these bursars concentrate their business on transactional processing and reporting and rarely do they opportunities to implement strategic risk management issues. Risk management is therefore left to school heads without training or experience on risk management.

Recommendation and Conclusion.

Take risk management seriously at schools, a number of things can go wrong and the worst that can happen is loss of a pupil within school premises. The school is liable, parents are liable, the ministry is liable…everyone is liable.

Recruit competent School Development Associations. Check the qualifications and experience of the bursar.Is he or she a qualified accountant? What is his or her experience on auditing and risk management?

Schools want to cut on costs and employ bursars who do not demand a lot of money. A cost cutting measure that can cost the school dearly.

Does your school have a risk management in place? Have you seen it? Or even a basic risk register? Does it include or all risks? Were you involved in the crafting of the strategy? Did they ask for your input or did you volunteer to offer input?

Its scary isnt it? The good thing is that you have seen this ZBIN write up, kindly share and also take corrective action. This applies to the pre-school where you send your kid, applies to primary schools and what is shocking is that high schools are not spared.

Take corrective action and help save pupils at schools. This story features in our book on investment opportunities for Zimbabweans under investment in schools.

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