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Agricultural Opportunities in Swaziland


Our organisation recently partnered with Swazi Nationals and formed a company some weeks back. Registered in Swaziland, the company will be spearheading empowerment initiatives in the Kingdom of Swaziland. The Kingdom becomes our second home and we are planning to put Swaziland on the world map in terms of entrepreneurship. The country has 1.2 million people which is roughly the size of the combined population of Bulawayo and Chitungwiza.

Today we share with you the top opportunities in the Agriculture Sector .

  • Peanut Butter Production
  • Processed Meat
  • Baby vegetables
  • Vegetable drying
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Tomato sauce production
  • Cassava Processing and Starch
  • Tobacco Growing
  • Fruit, vegetable preservation and bottling
  • Bottling (preservation) of pickles and chutneys
  • Bottling of jams and jellies
  • Processing of beans and other legumes
  • Dairy products (e.g. Yoghurts, custards) and ice bottling of spring-water and flavoured spring water
  • Juice squeezing (fresh juice from oranges, grapefruits

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Diaspora Matters



One of our mandate is to ensure that our members are well informed. A well informed member is an empowered member who has a competitive advantage over those without enough information! So for our members in Lesotho, the hope is that you do not miss any opportunities especially those that are publicly known.

Below we feature an advert from the Basotho Enterprise Development Corporation (BEDCO).

In an attempt to facilitate establishment and development of Basotho owned businesses by locals who posses technical and operational skills in textile and aspire to improve their businesses but lack the necessary entrepreneurial and business management skills, the Basotho Enterprise Development Corporation (BEDCO), calls for applications from interested people to join our business incubation programme Qhotsiso project. The project is intended to assist young people who are self -employed in the textile industry to become employers and drivers of economic growth. The project will assist by providing working space, necessary machinery, technical advisor and business advisor to the beneficiaries. The incubation centre is based at BEDCO TY and each intake takes 12 months.

Who is eligible?

The project targets young Basotho Aged 18-35 years who posses operational skills in textile, whose small businesses struggle to access machines and workspace, and those who are in the process of starting business. Companies owned by more than one person have an added advantage.

Candidates will only be selected based on viability of the business and its potential to create new jobs for other people. All qualifying individuals in all ten districts of the country are eligible to submit their completed application forms. However all candidates should note that BEDCO will not cater for their travel and living expenses for the duration of the incubation in TY. They should be able to sustain themselves financially.

Selection and adjudication process

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview. Interview will consist of oral and practial tests.

Submission and deadline

Application forms are available at all BEDCO offices and can be submitted there.

FINAL DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION FORMS IS ON THE 10TH NOVEMBER, 2017. Enquiries can be made via telephone on the following numbers: +266 2221 6100 contact person ‘M’ e Koronti Ntsasa Masiloane

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