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The untold story of cross border bus accidents in South Africa


More than 20  people perished in 2 separate  cross border bus accidents near Polokwane in South Africa  last week. What could be possible  causes of the accidents? Our organisation conducts various entrepreneurship training programs across the region and last week we traveled to South Africa for trainings in South Africa and Botswana.

On the early hours of Monday, we witnessed a Zambian cross border bus accident that claimed the lives of 9 Zambians. We arrived 10 minutes after the accident had happened and witnessed most passengers still trapped inside the overturned bus. The apparent cause of the accident was a burst front tyre . A few days later another bus accident carrying Zimbabweans claimed a similar number of casualties although the cause of the accident is still unknown.

What could be the causes of the bus accidents? It could be mechanical failures such as tyre bursts, human errors such as fatigue or thugs throwing obstacles on the roads in order to cause accidents and steal from hapless accident victims. The latter point maybe true given the timing of accidents and also confirmation of several buses that are being stoned on the N1 road. So bus owners and passengers should be on the look out for deliberate accidents happening in the wee hours on the road. We witnessed several victims being assisted by passersby and there were suspicions of some victims losing possessions such as wallets to ‘helpers’.

So choose carefully the time of travel because travelling during the early morning on this stretch of the road makes you susceptible to possible attacks and accidents.

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Diaspora Matters

What is the value of your rural home?


Question for financial experts.What is the value of your rural home? The answer is it depends…depends largely on your mindset….its all in your head. If you view rural land as a place of witches…then its value is zero! If you view it as an investment place then its intrinsic value is extremely high.

Lets look at examples
If you opt to go to your rural area and rent out your home in Glenview for $300 per month then your rural home is as good as your urban one for a specific period of time.

If you decide to build a home in Seke and rent out your Avonlea flat for $600 per month then your Seke home is as good as your flat. Your rural home is worth  $60.000 because its allowing you to earn $600…at the end of the month you have earned $600.

So the value is in your mindset…your rural land can earn you as much as you want depending on how you view investment.

Dear forumite, get land, land and land nomatter where….do not look down upon land.

Setting up a diaspora village
Do you have access to rural land? Located near urban areas like Domboshava, Musana, Seke, Chihota, Musami? Diaspora and local tourism is on the up…international tourist arrivals is on the up. All of these people need variety….they want the African or Bhundu experience which is why they go to Vic Falls, Hwange, Masvingo, Mana Pools, Gonarezhou and others. There is nothing interesting for them in staying at Hotel Miekles, Rainbow or others….they have better experiences in their home countries.

Our tourism sector does not have options…for most diasporans they started touring Vic Falls, Nyanga, Masvingo from primary schools. There is nothing new in Vic Falls perhaps the carnival that was added in recent years?

So in comes an opportunity for innovative entrepreneurs to develop cultural villages…places where tourists learn about Shona, Ndebele and Tonga cultures…learn the mbira and marimba instruments. A place that allows tourists to have an authentic African experience..a place where they can live for a while vachienda kumombe,kunoraura,kufudza mombe,kutswa,kuenda kunhimbe,kurima negejo.

How many parents from the diaspora would not love to have their kids get kufudza mombe experience? Of course done not as a chore but a great learning experience?

Sounds utopic? Check out The Boma at Vic falls where tourists play drums, drink chikokiyana…there is even a sangoma who is often consulted by foreign tourists. Visit The famous Carnivore in Kenya and check out the many tourists at the place eating game meat.

We go back to our initial question…what is the value of your rural land? Zero if its a place of backward folks, the uneducated. It can be completely useless..a place that makes you angry!

But if you wear a different hat, your land can be extremely valuable…can be equal or more to your Borrowdale mansion, can be equal or more to your London flat…the value is in your mindset…your ability to innovate and earn money from it.

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