A trip from Joburg to Maseru costs R250. You can choose to go directly by road with kombis or go the longer route of going to Bloemfontein and then connect to Maseru. We chose the longer route and were not disappointed. Maseru the capital city of Lesotho is located right at the border with SA, you cross the border and immidiately cross into the Capital City….its like Harare situated at Beitbridge!

The city is clean and resembles Kigali, perhaps Kigali a little higher on cleanliness ranking but in terms of being a hilly city-Yebo, the city looks like Kigali.

Zimbo Opportunities:
1.A lot of construction coming up especially in medium to low density areas-chance for contruction companies from Zim to check out on more opportunities.

2.Telecoms sector-Dr Strive Masiyiwa is already there through Econet Lesotho-they have the same logo and Ecocash exists too. They had introduced a new innovation-looks like they are doing well.
3.Publishing- Remember Basildon Peta? He is a publisher there of a popular weekly-Lesotho Times.
4. Zimbos into buying and selling- We are popular there, involved in arts and crafts plus some are now into buying stuff from SA and selling in Lesotho. They have become residence that side and only coming to Zim at the end of the year.

New Developments:
There are changes to the import and registration of goods from SA especially in relation to clearing agencies use. A chance for Sons and Daughters of the soil to explore this area.

What else?

Highly recommend the IT sector review-unlimited opportunities. ZBIN is also spearheading the production of carpets because the country produces top quality wool which they export to China…ZBIN is saying, be an exporter of carpets rather than wool-create local jobs first before shipping wool abroad.

The people there very friendly, hard working and one can easily fit in. Their local currency easily changeable with the Rand, infact its slightly stronger than the Rand.

Had expected to pay R300 or thereabouts like in Bloemfontein but was suprised with R500 up to R900 range at a modest lodge.

Surprising to note that the ponzi scheme which collapsed in Zim in Dec 2016 was still around and had collapsed the previous week-not for the first time but for the second time. Most know its a ponzi scheme but still they joined anyway.

Malawi Rice
Our trainer from Durban had brought Masawu, Sis Nelly could have purchased from Joburg but they proved popular. We checked on knowledge of Malawi Rice and confirmed that they do not know about this delicacy from Malawi. Hoping to bring some sample next time we make follow ups.

Visit Lesotho and find out opportunities on the ground.

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