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Opportunities at High Glen Shopping Centre

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Good Afternoon investors how are you doing? Kunevaenda kumakereke mafamba zvakanaka here? Hayewa tichizorora hedu musi we Sunday kudai planning for the week ahead tinokushuvirai makomborero oga oga.

Ok dear friends, lets look at our shopping malls in Zim…Last time we reviewed shopping malls I think we touched on Longchen. Today we will take a close look at the Old Mutual owned shopping mall-Highglen.

Located near Budiriro the area is easily accessible to folks residing in Highfields,Glen Norah, Glenview,Budiriro, Mufakose,Kambuzuma and Rugare. Good catchment area with a population exceeding 200,000.

Parking Space.
The area has excellent spacious parking space. Some of the space has been turned into a bus terminus for long distance buses.

Vacant Shopping Offices.
The occupancy rate at this mall should be less than 30%. There are many reasons why the situation is like this. We may need a lot of research on the Whys. Our focus is not on the Whys but we choose to be positive and find our HOW members of this forum can benefit.

Possible Opportunities.
Interested in investing at this shopping area? Not sure of the fields to invest in? One quick guide for you is to visit a couple of shopping malls in Harare…compare and contrast with HighGlen.

Areas worth looking at include thee following:
1. Good Pub/Club.
2. Kids Entertainment.
3. Butcheries.
4. Food Courts.
5. Internet Cafes.

After investing you will need to be patient and one area you need to work on is Marketing…if you can market your business well hapana chinoramba.

A few years ago a friend of mine opened a butchery and a bottlestore…ndokubva azoisa ka braai stand. The braai stand became one of the most popular in Harare because it allowed folks to braai,have beer and socialise.

Pa braai stand apa unlike Mereki or Zindoga it was a do- it- yourself service and YES there are a lot of folks who like to braai on their own. The concept became extremely successful such that we ended up with folks driving from the City centre,Northn Surburbs too coming to the area. Truck drivers plying the Joburg Lusaka route started joining folks doing braai…vakatangawo kumira and enjoying the socialising part.

Waiti watenga nyama yako ..mumwewo atenga..wogocha at your own pace,enjoying debates dze soccer,politics,business everyone-Awesome stuff.

Then one day a certain manager wechichena from Old Mutual came…achiwona mhomho yevanhu ndokubva ati braai stand ngaibviswe! Yakabva yabviswa mafaro achiperawo…End of an Era!

Back to our Topic.
So I encourage you all to visit HighGlen shopping centre if you ever get time. Find out how you can invest at the area even usina hako shungu or short term plans to do so.

Online Shopping Malls.
This is for IT guys on the forum….how about creating a HighGlen..Sam Levy..Join City Shopping Mall? Consolidating all the Shopping Malls in Zim on one website. After the creation of the website you can then engage business owners at the respective shopping malls to advertise…initially for free and then at a fee?

Such a website will help consumers to know the location of various businesses at various shopping malls. For now ukandivhunza about businesses at LongChen iam likely to say the LongChen Hardware & IVATO Supermarket. Tumwe tumabusiness twuripo ndetwekungowonawo. Therefore ndikakwanisa kuenda ku LongChen Shopping Mall on the net ndoziva what else I can find at each shopping mall zvingabatsire chose.

Food for Though.

Enjoy your Sunday Good Folks!highglen[soliloquy id=”75″]

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