I find the National Geo channel very fascinating…i like the wild and most of the times been looking at big animals such as lions, elephants and buffaloes but rarely the leopard.

Of all the big cats, the leopard is the wisest…hunts alone, an introvert but has a great success rate on hunts. Once it kills prey it must quickly pull it up a tree for safety keeping.

How many of you shout on top of the mountain when you get a big deal? How many even start talking about big contracts before signing them?Once heard 2 guys talking about a half million Command Agriculture deal at OR Tambo Airport! A leopard knows there is stiff competition for resources, once you land a prey quietly pull it up a tree and start feeding lol

Delay and big guns such as lions and hyenas come for their own share.
I like how leopards attack prey whilst flying from trees…unbelievable stuff. Its like lightning….boom and in a split second an impala is gone. So impalas will be resting under a tree, looking for tree shade oblivious of the danger up tree. Impalas and most land animals are wired to look for trouble from the ground…most predators attack from the ground…but the impala uses the ground and from tree tops.

Risk Management Lessons:In your business, are you focusing on risks strictly from the ground or sometimes you are taking a look upwards? The greatest risks are often surprises! When attacking from above, the success rate for leopards is close 100%.

When the going gets tough sometimes the leopard goes for birds…yes birds in trees…unbelievable stuff.
Do you have an agile strategy that adapts to changing economic environment? Study leopards for inspiration. When you want to study about wisdom, forget the lions, forget the cheeter which only relies on one strength…speed….try the leopard.

When it comes to business models;

Lions for boldness,

Cheeter for speed,

The tortoise for slow but sure speed,

Buffaloes and elephants for team work,

The croc for stealth,

The leopard for wisdom,

Which animal or animals does your strategy follow?

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