When you park your vehicle in the capital city, make sure that you look for EasiPark assistants and pay your ticket. Now what happens if no EasiPark officials are not around? The best strategy is to drive away or if you insist on parking then make sure you collect as much evidence as possible because there is a latest scam whereby the EasiPark officials disappear from the scene only to return when your vehicle is clamped and being required to pay a fine of $57.00.

Easipark has no doubt over stayed its welcome in the city! This practice of hiding away from motorists has become rampant and this is an unsustainable way of raising income by the City Fathers. They should instead focus on raising income by attracting investment in the city, servicing new residential and commercial stands, inviting investors to key areas identified in their strategic plan. Our last forum visit to Cleveland Dam clearly showed massive investment potential for hotels, casinos and leisure centres. The mayor and his team should spend more time attracting huge investments rather than frustrating residents by extorting money from motorists!

Evidence collection

Whenever you park your vehicle in the capital and EasiPark officials are not around. Record video evidence of their absence and submit to the Harare Mayor or the council. Lets build a case for the review of operations of this firm or possibly having their contract terminated. The more Harare motorists bring the evidence, the more solid the case. Motorists should not pay for their inefficiency or scam schemes where their employees hide and facilitate clamping of vehicles by the Harare City Police.

The mayor should be business minded and look at better avenues of raising income for our beautiful capital.

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