Are you taking advantage of opportunities from Lake Malawi? If not then make a plan and not be left out. Lake Malawi is one of the largest inland lakes in Southern Africa and offers massive tourism potential. The number of tourists coming to Malawi continues to grow each year and one of the favourite destinations is the big and beautiful Lake Malawi. An estimated 805,000 tourists visited Malawi in 2015 according to

Tourists love beautiful and thatched lodges for accommodation, they love water sports and sailing on the lake. Most of the tourists come from Europe, America, Australia and Asia. Some also come from Africa and all with the aim of enjoying the warmth of the Malawian hospitality.

Advantage Entrepreneur
1.Do plan on setting up own travel companies-learn how existing ones are doing it and develop own business plan.

2.Who is providing accommodation? Is there room for more players? Important for you to monitor tourist arrivals and team up with friends to provide accommodation services.

3.Who transports tourists when they come to Malawi? How are they doing? Make own plan to also enter the field and provide taxi cabs or buses to ferry tourists.

4.Who provides food and drinks to tourist hotels and lodges? How can you link up and also benefit?

5.Arts and Crafts: Remember our popular carpet rug making? How many have sold Proudly Malawian carpets to tourists? If you have not, then iam deeply disappointed…tourists bring hard cash and as taught during our trainings, you should be able to make carpets targeting a few locals and more foreigners. Make carpets with Malawian flags, make carpets that tourists are interested in.

6.Boats; Met a friend in South Africa who was buying boat engines, he must have bought 3 or so. Thats being entrepreneurial, you will never go wrong with boats and accessories. Just get a market first and then supply.

Next week we will be  covering Kilombero Rice opportunities.


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