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Kwese TV Opportunities for Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs


This should be one of the best news for Zimbabwe! Kwese Tv has been granted a licence by the Government and will soon start broadcasting into Zimbabwe in a few weeks to months time. Great news that will break the monopoly that was being enjoyed by Dstv Multi-Choice. Now we will have one of our own and this is likely to result in saving of forex because we were spending more than $400 million per year on Dstv alone.

So at national level we will have the country saving on hundreds of millions of dollars per year now how about at individual level? What are the business opportunities that you should be able to grab?

We will only focus on 3 opportunities, you are free to add more.

  1. Kwese Decoder Agents: Kwese tv has been launched in various countries and in all the countries the first thing that has happened is the immediate opening of opportunities for those that sell kwese tv decoders. Grab this opportunity with both hands….usamire kungonzwa ma adverts arikuti decoder agents-rush and grab! For evidence of this issue, go to Dr Strive Masiyiwa’s page and find out the thousands of inquiries from those selling decoders or interested in selling decoders. Those employed should not lose out-grab the opportunity and employ others to run the business on your behalf.
  2. Decoder Installations: Business will obviously start on a low tip but picking up with time, the peak may be reached by December. Those interested in installing decoders-hewo mukana! We expect thousands of households to install new decoders-numbers to reach millions within the next 12 months. Establish yourself as the ‘to go to guy’ for the new installations. Establish Facebook Pages where you will advertise your services.
  3. Local Content Producers: The trending concept on Kwese Tv is Entreprenurship! Millions of Africans are tuning in to Kwese Tv some are following Dr Strive Masiyiwa on his Facebook Pages and do you want to know why they are following him? The answer is simple-Entrepreneurship! Most people want to know how to make money, how he made it…Dr Strive Masiyiwa represents a success story of entrepreneurship and he goes out of his way to engage readers or followers! He has grasped Social Media well. Followers want constant updates and engagement! So for local content producers, here is your chance to develop high quality television material that will be featured on the channel. The message is entrepreneurship, you will need to be innovative and come up with refreshing content that help inspire young entrepreneurs who will constitute the majority of the viewers.

So the sky is the limit for those that will be prepared, for those that move fast as millions of Zimbabweans move to Kwese Television. We expect thousands of jobs to be created, lots of opportunities to come to all areas-urban and rural!

Your homework this weekend and holiday will be to study what has been happening in all countries where this television was introduced and then come with a personal plan. We hope to see the ZBIN Community grabbing 60% of the first opportunities that come ….. All the best.

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