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Kilombero Rice Trading Platform Created


What is the best food export from Zim? It has to be the Mazoe Crush! How about Malawi? It has to be Kilombero Rice. The scented and tasty rice from Malawi is probably the best rice on earth!The only problem with the rice is once you eat it then you will never like any other rice-it is addictive.

The challenge with Malawi Rice is that Malawians are not doing enough to promote their product and push it beyond the borders despite massive interest and potential. You can find a bus from Malawi to South Africa with between 200-300 kgs of rice and this is a tiny fraction. The country needs to push tonnes of their precious commodity per month and realise great returns in foreign currency.

Our organisation has been pushing the brand and carrying out market surveys in Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, South Africa and Zimbabwe and the response has been overwhelming. Many want the rice and they want it now…but the rice is not available due to logistics challenges. Two months ago we created an app group for Malawians interested in selling the rice and more than 50 responded. We have serious entrepreneurs interested in pushing volumes from Malawi provided there are people interested in it.

So are you interested in buying Malawi rice for consumption? Are you interested in being a Malawi Rice agent? If your answer is Yes then do send us an email on and or send an app on +263774081808.




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