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Interesting Facts about High Density Area Properties in Zimbabwe


I have analysed information from the website of all high density area properties in the major cities of Zimbabwe and results show that there is not much difference in prices. Properties in Harare maybe slightly higher in areas such as Warren Park and Budiroro but for the rest in Harare, they compare favourably with all prices found across Zimbabwe.

There is not much difference between a 7 bedroomed house in Glenview and a similar one in Mkoba. Not much separates the value of a property in Chitungwiza and a similar one in Nketa. The case is however different when it comes to low density properties where there is a gulf in difference between Harare and the rest of the country. We will analyse the difference in future but for now we concentrate on where most people live in urban areas-the high density areas.

Below are price ranges of high density homes as advertised on

Harare-$35,000 will get you a house in Glenview, Glen Norah, Kuwadzana,Budiriro

Bulawayo-$25,000-$35,000 Nketa,Emakhandeni,Nkulumane,Pumula South and Mpopoma

Mutare-$25,000-35,000- Dangamvura,Chikanga.


Masvingo-$25.000-$35,000-Runyararo,Rujeko, Mucheke

Possible Reasons

Mkoba: This writer is not a Real Estate guru so my reasons here should be taken with a pinch of salt. Mkoba could be heavily affected by the demand for accommodation by the Midlands State University where thousands of students require off campus accommodation. But how about Mbizo? Its difficult to pinpoint the reasons for Mbizo having high prices-is it the small scale  miners impact?

Dangamvura: Mutare seems to go pound for pound with other cities, there is no university in Dangamvura that affect prices-so why the high values? Can we factor in the diamond era which once distorted prices in this beautiful city?


Dear reader, I certainly do not have solid facts as to why prices are the way they are. My best escape maybe to say its Demand and Supply Stupid! Feel free to offer possible reasons for the price similarities of high density real estate in Zimbabwe. Next time we hope to look at low density real estate and any new developments in the sector

Low-cost high-density housing Harare

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