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How To Register A Company On Your Own in South Africa


1. Open CIPC website
2. Go to “Register Customer code”
3. Once you’ve registered. customer code, seach their bank account.
4. Go and deposit R350.
5. R350 will appear on your cutomer code when you login, just like when you check airtime.
6. Start by reserving your business name online. Options will appear when you are logged in. Name reservation is R50.
7. They’ll send you confirmation of name reserved via email, and also forms to register that name, meaning now company registration. You scan and email them all the information they required, they’ll mention requirements on their email. R175 to register.
8. Then they’ll send u company certificate. All transactions you do on CIPC will deduct from that R350.
9. Go with it at BANK to open business account. Is R500
10. Go with all BANK details and company documents to SARS to finalise your SARS information.
11. Then ask anyone with a company where can u register ur BBBEE certificate, then go there to do it. Those are Charted Accountants Agencies, registered agencies
12. Go to SEDA to do your Business Plan. For FREE.
13 If u wanna do Business with Government, then go to CSD (Central Supplier Database) Website and register ur company with your commodities. Then you will appear in all Government Spheres so they call u when they want ur service.
14. Mantain and Develop your company

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