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How to benefit from land reform in South Africa


The interest in farming by youths in South Africa is at an all time high. This is encouraging as some explore farming as an alternative to seeking formal jobs. A lot of farming activity is already underway especially in provinces such as Limpopo, KZN and Mpumalanga. The question on the minds of most people interested in getting land is ‘How do you get land?’ Below we feature some answers from our members on land access.

Question: How do I get land access to state land? 

Siya Try the Department of Land Reform.

Tinoda You must have a proper business plan.

Mpho Have a business plan and visit the land departments, but expect slow progress due to corruption.

Mthembeni Have you identified the land you would like to acquire for farming?

Mthingeni Identify the farm which is for sale. Go to the Department of Land Reform. The department will assist. If you have many cattle you stand a good chance and might contribute close to nothing.

Terence The current process is that land is advertised by DRDLR through the local newspapers and all those that qualify need to apply. A committee called DBSC will shortlist then interviews are conducted. The successful candidate will then be awarded the rights to utilise the land in question.

Piet  Visit district office of Dpartment of Rural Development and Land Reform get more direct information . The administrator of District Land reform committee (DLRC) can assist you. They will explain about sub commitee known as Beneficiary selection committee terms of reference.

Terence Just as Bhekathina says…. Go to your district office and at that office ask about the process on leasing of land and if their DLRC (District Land Reform Committee) chaired by farmers is operational. This committee is in charge of land allocation issues.

Thabo Meantime whilst waiting for land from DLRC, go to local chiefs and get a 1 ha or 2ha piece of land and start your operations there.

Thuso  Department of Rural Development and Land Reform. But you gonna wait for a very long time. Ask me. I’m still waiting after 6 years

Lebo  You need serious connections to own a piece of land and if you don’t have connections just be ready for the long haul. There is a long list of people who never farmed before and those who are serious about farming awaiting just to face the panel or the board that decide whether you qualify or not. Iam sorry about the weak system where the monied are given first preference over those who are more capable.


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