Are you interested in exporting goods from Zimbabwe for the first time? Are you aware of the requirements of applying for an Export Licence? You need not worry any more, the information is copied below. We have also attached a pdf document for download, it comes courtesy of Zimtrade.

Requirements for Application for Export Licence by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce
1. An application letter addressed to the Secretary for industry and Commerce stating the following:
• Brief company profile indicating line of business
• Product description
• Tariff code
• Quantities (e.g. tonnes, litres, metres, kilogrammes, etc.)
• Purchase price per unit
• Selling price per unit
• Total value of the consignment
• Country of origin/destination
• Justification for importing/exporting

2. Attach copies of the following documents
• Certificate of Incorporation
• CR14 showing company Directors
• Tax clearance certificate
• Copy of Standard Development Fund levy receipt
• Proforma Invoice (for imports)
Applications should be separate for different products


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