We have great news from Guruve, the land where Thomas Mapfumo comes from. Do you remember the classic Ndoenda Guruve? That was Thomas Mapfumo at his best and now we go to this land of the Chimurenga Legend and look at investment opportunities.

We saw an advert in The Sunday Mail this week and decided to share with you the contents of the advert. The advert comes as an Invitation to Tenders: MRDC : 02/2017

    1. Fuel Service Stations and Garages at Mushumbi Growth Point : Mbire RDC is calling on investors to tap into uncharted energy sector opportunities in the fuel service stations and garages at its Mushumbi Growth Point measuring 2500 square meters
    2. Upmarket Primary School: Inviting private organisations , churches and trusts to invest in the educational sector for an upmarket primary school. There is 24 hectares in the district with friendly and flexible investment terms
  • Mushumbi Pools(lodges): Available is land for the development of lodges measuring 20,000 square meters. Commercial accommodation is needed and is in short supply. Investors are invited to tap into the luxury and hospitality sector along the beautiful Manyame River. A site visit is compulsory.


Submit sealed bids at the Mushumbi Offices by 30th August 2017 at 10:00 hours when tenders will be closed.

Tender documents are obtainable from Mbire Rural District Council upon payment of a non-refundable fee of $100. A site visit is compulsory on 30 August 2017 starting from Mbire RDC boardroom at 10:00am


Mbire Rural District Council reserves the right to accept the whole, part of reject any tender. Tenders in sealed envelopes must be submitted to:

The Chief Executive Officer

Mbire Rural District Council

P O Box 539, Guruve

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