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Good News for Diasporans from Melfort


Harare’s housing backlog stands at 500.000 with more people being added to the list every month. Options for town planners to solve the housing problem includes expansion of the city and also trying out other areas such as Norton, Ruwa, Chitungwiza, Nyabira and the proposed new city centre in Mt Hampden. What is the missing link in the options for town planners? The option is Melfort which is situated 34 kilometers from the city centre. Melfort is closer to Harare than Norton and the area has massive potential. The completion of the dualisation of the Mutare Road up to the tollgate means travelling to Melfort is now faster. A 10 minute drive from the area and you will already be in Ruwa. Full dualisation up to Melfort expected before year end as construction is underway. The proximity to the Harare-Mutare Railway line means that in future passenger trains will help in the transportation of goods and passengers.

Already some have acquired a lot of land in the area especially Hararians as land is still cheaper when compared to the city. So great investment opportunities for diasporans to buy large tracts of land and develop housing units for sale. Develop garden flats, build shopping malls and related infrastructure. For those interested in tourism, they can be inspired by many conference centres near the place and if agriculture is your area of interest then get large tracts of land for market gardening.

So get organised think big investment and get yourself a piece of Melfort which is likely to surpass Norton in the coming few years. Make inquiries with the Goromonzi Rura District Council and find out availability and costs of land there. With the city afflicted by all sorts of inconveniences such as traffic congestion, pollution and general decay-most people are going to rush for new areas which are close to the city. We believe Mefort offers the best real estate opportunity than any other area close to Harare.

Wish you the best.

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