So where are most people spending their monies on? The answer is Food, Accomodation, Education, Medical Aid and Transport.  The list can be expanded or reviewed but on average the areas mentioned are where most Zimbos are spending their monies on. For today we can have a look at Pre-Schools, they are increasingly feeling the heat from a new initiative to introduce Grade 0 in all primary schools. Does this mean there is no room for creches? We do not think so provided you do your research and analysis. There is need for innovation  remain in the game and we encourage our members to look at new surbubs cropping up everywhere-these areas provide room for you to set up a Preschool.

We are fortunate to partner with StartupBiz Zimbabwe who can be found on They have given us a sample business plan to share with our members. For more business plans we urge you to visit their site.


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