You can expect ZBIN to come up with a number of great initiatives this year and the first one is the promotion of business amongst members. The forum has 33.000 followers on Facebook and 8.000 members on our Whatsapp platforms. Most of our whatsapp platform members are registered and are a closely networked community.

Promotion of Business
Members now have an incentive to support one another. For every purchase you do on the ZBIN forum, you now earn points which will put your name on the top. The forum will help promote businesses from people who have earned top points by supporting others. If you by chickens from our ZBIN forum members then you become eligible to also benefit if say you run a legal firm. ZBIN will help promote you through our newsletters, website and our Facebook. On a monthly basis, we will cover a free promotion as a thank you to members who support others.

How will this work?
After you have done business, you have purchased a product or a service from a group member, do app the forum admin on +263774081808 and app the following details:
Bought goods from x number on this date
No need to put the amount of the purchase

Members are encouraged to offer a small forum discount when selling within the forum to members. If you are selling a watch for $160, there is no harm in reducing it to $155 and offer a $5 discount to a fellow member who will help to promote your business. If you are selling chickens for $6 then there is no harm in offering a discount to a member buying chickens in bulk from 10 upwards.
When you buy chickens or school uniforms from lets say Nakumatt, there is likely to be further benefit to you in promoting your business. If you are a recent law graduate, when you buy goods from a local shop-no benefit will accrue to you after purchase but if you buy from a ZBIN member then you are likely to benefit by promoting your recently established legal firm.
You are going to promote your business faster by participating on this free platform. You may not necessarily need to buy goods yourself but can also refer friends and relatives. This means a Diasporan based in Ontario can refer a relative in Mtoko to buy goods from a ZBIN member’s shop and earn marks.

Our more than 33.000 members have diverse business interests which cover Poultry, Baking, Real Estate, Rabbits, Agriculture, Consultancy, IT Products, General Buying and Selling, Bitcoin, Mining, Tapestry, Paw Paw Growing, Transport, Fast Foods, Education, Bitcoin, Online Forex Trading, Mozambique Opportunities, Zim-India, Buying and Selling Malawi, Buying and Selling Zambia, Buying and Selling Namibia, Buying and Selling Lesotho, Buying and Selling Swaziland, Buying and Selling Trinidad and Tobago.

The purpose of the specific groups above is to help promote business from members. Now you have an incentive to go and buy from a ZBIN member and expect a return. There is going to be no better forum that helps to support entrepreneurs than ZBIN! We are initially targeting our 8.000 strong Whatsapp groups before moving to our Facebook Platform of 33.000.
You want to join our Whatsapp platforms? Feel free to indicate the your group preference and app the admin on +263774081808. This offer applies to all countries in Southern Africa where we have groups and outside Africa we have India and Trinidad and Tobago. The facility is absolutely free, no joining fee.

Kea Leboga

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