Imagine changing from 9-5 job to being an entrepreneur? What will be the changes? The first change is all of a sudden you wear many hats! If you were used to being in ICT or Marketing now here is the bad news…we are adding an additional 8 portfolios to your resume!

We are adding- Human resources, Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Administration, IT; Systems, Personal Development and Strategic Planning in addition to family life.

These additions will test you to the limit and if you have excelled in marketing whilst working for a top company in town, now you have to master Accounting and Risk Management, Financial Planning, Budgeting and Administration. You have to master new concepts on the job whilst under pressure to deliver.

What can assist you?

Get trained, network with other entrepreneurs, research extensively and monitor developments in your field. You have to master time management which will be under pressure due to many hats, you have to manage your team well, inspiring them and ensuring they deliver to the best of their abilities. One weakness to avoid is to be too immersed in certain tasks at the expense of others. You can borrow a concept from Pauline Mawoneke who  says-be on top of your business and not in it.

As ZBIN we wish you a wonderful and safe  Easter Holiday.

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