On my way from Malawi at Nyamapanda Border, I met 3 white brothers who were coming from Zim. Whilst waiting for my passport to be stamped- the brothers started talking about their journey to Zw and how they were scouring for opportunities……great stuff we need more investors, everyone is free to come and we thank Chinamasa for a job well done in reversing some of the policies which hindered Investment.

Whilst discussing with them, I emphasized that they are probably a bit late! South African investors have been in and out of the country for the past 6-8 years. Analysing political and economic environments with a view to invest in the country. They were waiting for a trigger so as to rush and grab Opportunities ……give them credit for preparedness.

Now so what advice can we give to would be investors? Our forum has been in existence for more than 2 years and we specifically formed it inorder to take advantage of Opportunities, local or international.

We have more than 460 free articles on Opportunities on our website! We often joke that our members are dangerous- yep dangerous coz when it comes to business, they are well informed.

Anyway back to Dr Strive, he runs a popular page on Facebook we encourage our members to follow the page- very helpful articles published on a weekly basis.

His latest article is on farming, opportunities in agriculture and he talks of how he is doing ‘farming’. So where is his farm? Is he a multi farm owner?

Here is his answer- he provides micro insurance services to the agriculture industry in Zimbabwe and according to him ‘he is making a lot of money.
So this is how he is farming, this is his cellphone farming and it’s doing well.

Hama dzinodiwa handei ne Hondo yeminda part 4, provision of services to support Farmers! We may not all be fortunate to get land but this should not discourage you from ‘farming’ Let’s be agri-prenuers.Support Command Agriculture or whatever Command programme and look at the supply or service industries.

Unenge uchitorimawo kunyangwe usina kubata gejo. Masiyiwa rake gejo nderepa insurance, ko rako gejo nderei?

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