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Diaspora Investment Advice: Where is the money in Zim?


Elections should be over within the next 3 months and we pray that they will be peaceful, free and fair so that the real work of rebuilding Zimbabwe can begin in earnest. The country has a lot of potential and the positive tone set by the new dispensation is likely to continue and attract more investment. Whoever wins the next elections is likely to put business first. We do not see anyone coming to reverse the Zimbabwe is open for business policy. So interesting times where the rebuilding of the country will be centred on business.

Looking at investment options for the diaspora community, lets assess feasibility of investment options.

  1. Farming: Can you just come and get a farm and start farming? Its not feasible so try the business of supplying farming equipment such as solar irrigation equipment, tractors and trailers.
  2. Mining: Can you just come to Zimbabwe and get an unused mine and commence mining activities? It is not feasible-all mineral rich mines are taken. Consider partnering with other miners especially on minerals such as chrome and gold. A lot of supplies needed in terms of mining equipment.
  3. Education: Straight from the airport, can you just open a private school in Zimbabwe? Yes you sure can especially in new residential suburbs. So do track new areas being built where schools or colleges do not exist.
  4. Real Estate: This is where all the money is! Why did Splash Paints invest $3.5 million in a new plant? Why is Dangote interested in investing in Zimbabwe? Why do we have new hardware shops being opened? Why is Harare getting a hardware warehouse? Why is there sudden activity of investors doing environmental assessments? The Indian community in Zimbabwe has strategically positioned itself so that they can benefit from the construction business. They know that construction has ground to a halt but after elections there will be a scramble for opportunities in the sector.

Diaspora and Real Estate Sector

Get organised, pool resources-form companies and invest in land for residential and commercial purposes. Already one of the leading real estate companies-Way Mark is busy finishing servicing residential stands in town. They are likely to put them on the market as soon as election issues are sorted. So get residential and commercial stands -invest in hardwares, register construction companies etc

Our forum has also organised members so as to create a one stop construction company-do watch out for its activities in the coming months.

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