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Crowdfunding for Small Businesses in Zimbabwe


The number of business ideas from the forum is very high-a lot of innovative ideas from Zimbabweans based locally and abroad. Our forum with 34.000 members is growing everyday and every week close to 12.000 active members participate on our Facebook Digital Platforms and over 8.000 on our Whatsapp platforms helping to create a rich entrepreneurship society in Zimbabwe!

Our model, the first of its kind in Africa harnesses all digital platforms so that information is always flowing from one platform to the other. For instance discussions on our Whatsapp platforms help to shape content for discussions on the Facebook platform, the information is then stored on the website for future reference. Information can flow from the website to Facebook and Whatsapp or vice versa. Every minute a business discussion is going on, every minute an entrepreneur is getting useful advice on business opportunities in Zimbabwe and the region.

One of the major problem encountered by entrepreneurs is access to capital finance and in order to help members we will be introducing an innovative approach called Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding enables people with viable business ventures to showcase them and attract funders. If your project is good enough, funders will provide funding and this has been working across the globe with up to $34 billion raised across the globe in 2015 according to

The concept is still in its infancy in the country with only one platform doing crowdfunding on a small scale. There is no crowdfunding platform for the SME sector and ZBIN is therefore filling this void. So do expect more information as we help our members to have access to funding for their viable business projects.


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